Marco Polo returns to Quebec

By ,   September 24, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Marco Polo returned to the Port of Quebec. The last call of the ship in the French-Canadian city was in April 1966, when she operated as Alexander Pushkin.

50 years ago, the ship was serving the Leningrad-Montréal route. Now Marco Polo is on a voyage from England and the port of Qebec held a joint event with the Museum of the city to celebrate the return.

President and CEO of QPA, Mario Girard, said it was important for Quebec to celebrate the commemorative events highlight the city’s marine heritage. He expressed his gratitude to the Naval Museum of Québec, and called it "a true gold mine for Canadian marine history".

André Kirouac, director of the Naval Museum of Québec, shared that the arrival of ms Marco Polo made them look back on the 1960s. He added that Canada was preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary and their society was showing openness to the world, with relationships being forged between world’s port cities, "as evidenced by the gift the mayor of Leningrad sent to Mayor Lamontagne in 1966 when the Pushkin chose the Port of Québec as a privileged location for its first stop in Canada".

After a 50-year absence, the vessel was back in the region sailing on a 34-day cruise from the UK, with 678 passengers onboard.