Cruise ships to anchor at closer distance in the most famous harbour in the world

By ,   October 5, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Genoa Maritime Authority, also responsible for Marina di Portofino, has issued a long awaited decree enabling all cruise ships to anchor in the port at a closer distance from coast, effective from the beginning of next year's cruise season.

The new regulation will provide the installation of a couple of buoys to mark out the limits of the new anchorage area - already positioned at 0.3 NM from the coast (1 NM/nautical mile equals 1,852 metres or about 6,076 feet) as opposed to previous 0.7 NM.

The new ship position will reduce tenders' transit time from an average of 12 minutes during the past seasons to a time of 5 minutes, meaning improved logistics and safety of passengers, cost reduction in fuel, and better protection from winds.

The environmental effect is not mentioned.