Carnival’s "CRUISE-A-NALITY" Online Tool Generates 200,000 Visits

By ,   February 26, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Carnival Corporation & plc announced more than 200,000 people had visited its unique website that quizzes potential passengers about their cruise personality.

The fun and easy industry-first quiz helps people determine what type of brand experience and cruise vacation is right for them. The results are based on 6 personality-focused questions generating a cruise "persona" for all travelers’ types.

The Cruise-A-Nality site is part of Carnival's effort to reeducate customers about the attributes of a voyage. It was created in November on Visitors spend around 2.5 min looking at the site and taking the 6-question quiz. If the amount of time is combined with over 200,000 visits, it accounts for 445 days, exploring cruise personalities. When taking the quiz, 30 possible "CRUISE-A-NALITY" personas are available.

Of the thousands who completed the "CRUISE-A-NALITY" quiz, 65% were women. When combining both female and male respondents, nearly 40% of consumers qualified as "The Free Spirit" (female) or "Captain Spontaneous" (male) cruise personality, meaning they were "up for anything in pursuit of a good time on their vacation”.

Following the Free Spirit (38%) and Captain Spontaneous (36%) categories are Madame Adventurous (18%) and Adventure Man (16%), "ready to take on any adventure".

Ultra Moms and Super Dads comprise 11% each. Another 9% of females and 11% of males are tested as Lady Love or Admiral Amorous types looking to enjoy time on a cruise “with a significant other".

Carnival said Captain Spontaneous cruise types were steered to Princess, Costa or Carnival Cruise Line, as possible products suitable for their personality.

Carnival Corporation launched its "CRUISE-A-NALITY" innovative quiz as part of the new multi-brand marketing initiative of the company targeting new travelers, which led to Carnival airing a 1-minute TV commercial on February 1, during the Super Bowl.