Montreal with record cruise season

By ,   October 30, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Montreal reported a record cruise season which closed last week with Regent Seven Seas Navigator departing on a 14-day voyage from Montreal to Miami.

Montreal recorded 73 cruise vessels visits this year since May 12, which is 29 more than in 2014. According to preliminary numbers, more than 92,000 passengers and crew members transited through the cruise terminal, representing a nearly 30% increase over the 2014 season and a 94% hike since the Montréal Cruise Committee was created in 2011.

"Much to the delight of local business owners, a flood of tourists poured through the city's streets this year. Hotels also benefitted from this high-value clientele, as many travelers extended their trips and stayed a few extra nights in Montréal," said Yves Lalumière, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. "I would like to applaud the excellent work we've seen from the Montréal Cruise Committee, whose main objective is to attract international-caliber cruise lines to Montréal."

The cruise season on the portion of the St. Lawrence River that leads to Montréal is from May to November. The busiest months are September and October, when travelers come to see the fall colors and discover Québec's natural and cultural offerings. According to data collected by the Montréal Cruise Committee, clients are primarily American (72%), Australian (8.5%), Canadian (7.5%) and English (4.5%).

The 2016 cruise season also promises to be excellent, according to Montreal, with confirmations indicating that next year could be just as strong as this year.

"Once again, the numbers prove that Montréal's cruise market is growing rapidly, generating significant economic spinoffs for the entire city. I'd like to thank the Montréal Cruise Committee, as these results are in large part thanks to their efforts. At the Montréal Port Authority, we continue to work on the restoration of the Alexandra Pier and the maritime terminal, which will position Montréal as an international port of call that offers outstanding quality to cruise lines and travellers," said Sylvie Vachon, president and CEO of the Montréal Port Authority.

Supported by Tourisme Québec, the Montréal Cruise Committee works closely with the Montréal Port Authority and Tourisme Montréal, as well as five other local organizations: Aéroports de Montréal, the Old Port of Montréal Corporation, the Old Montréal Business Development Corporation, and the Hotel Association of Greater Montréal.