Features Announced for Harmony of the Seas

By ,   February 27, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Many of the features introduced on Quantum of the Seas will be adapted for the third Oasis-class ship, coming from RCI in April 2016.

According to Royal Caribbean, Harmony of the Seas will have a Bionic Bar on her Promenade, with a set of robotic bartenders which so far sling drinks on the Quantum. 

Harmony of the Seas will let passengers use Wow wrist bands for purchases and cabin access, instead of key cards. The ship will offer a Wonderland specialty restaurant, and ultra-high-speed Internet provided by O3b satellite network.

The Harmony will also boast Dynamic Dining, that was introduced first on the Quantum and is scheduled to roll out on the Allure and Oasis of the Seas (the two previous Oasis-class vessels) later this year. All interior cabins will feature virtual balconies, also found on the Quantum and first installed on Navigator of the Seas.

Royal said some of Harmony’s accommodations would be larger than those on the Allure and Oasis, which already offer some of the largest staterooms in Royal’s fleet. Suite guests will get a restaurant of their own, Coastal Kitchen, as part of the Dynamic Dining concept, and an exclusive Sun Zone sun deck.

Harmony of the Seas will have unique multistory watersides, that are not found on previous Oasis-class ships. One of the three slides will boast a Champagne bowl feature. The slides are located in the forward area of the ship, 10 decks above Central Park open area.

Young-at-heart passengers can take a spin on Harmony’s handcrafted carousel together with kids or enjoy the new classic games arcade on the Boardwalk neighborhood. There, parents can relax at the Starbucks cafe, and children can meet new friends at the new climbing play area.

Royal announced itineraries for the Harmony would be revealed next month.