Jury awards US$21.5 million to passenger injured by cruise ship door

By ,   November 12, 2015 ,   Accidents

A Seattle-based federal jury awarded US$21.5 million in damages to a man from Illinois who was injured by an automatic sliding-glass door on a Holland America cruise ship.

The Seattle Times reported that the verdict included US$16.5 million punitive damages. Attorneys argued that dozens of other travelers had been injured by the doors on HAL cruises.

The company denied that claim and asked the court to reduce the judgment. Holland America Line says it will appeal.

Surveillance video showed James Hausman of Springfield, walking through an automatic door in 2011, while he was on a world cruise. The door shut and struck the passenger in the face and side of the head.

A ship doctor diagnosed concussion. Hausman's attorneys said he suffered minor brain injury which caused seizures.