“Mickey Check” with healthy menus for kids

By ,   March 13, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Parents sailing with Disney now have an easier way to identify healthy menu choices for their kids. Mickey Check meals are part of Disney's commitment to make healthy eating simpler and more fun for families. Now they are offered aboard all four Disney ships in rotational dining restaurants.

To receive the Mickey Check, food must be nutritious and meet the Nutrition Guidelines of Disney (created by leading child health experts) for saturated fat, calories, sugar and sodium. These guidelines align to best-in-class dietary recommendations. A Mickey Check complete kids' meal includes three or more nutritious food groups (vegetables, lean protein, whole grains), has zero trans fats and limited added sugar.

Ozer Balli, Disney's vice president Hotel Operations, said in a statement that more families were looking for healthier options today. With Mickey Check, they had made it easy for them to identify these choices on Disney menus as Disney was known for “exceptional, innovative and fun dining experiences at its parks and resorts around the world”.

Immersive dining experiences on Disney cruise ships and at Disney Parks blend cuisine with storytelling in an extraordinary way that only Disney can. No matter it's a character dining experience, exquisite adults-only dinner, or quick meal on the go, passengers will find a range of beverage and food options to satisfy their health conscious and comfort-food tastes.

Disney’s Mickey Check is used throughout Disneyland Resorts and Walt Disney World at various locations, as well as on Disney-licensed food products. It is a part of “Disney Magic of Healthy Living” commitment, launched in 2006.