Largest Carnival Cruise Vessel Made From Cans of Food

By ,   December 22, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

The world's largest and most unusual Carnival cruise ship is ready to depart from the heart of New Orleans. It's been created from 17, 848 cans of food.  

The food comes from a holiday food and fund drive that benefits Second Harvest Food Bank.

Volunteers have been building the ship just outside the Superdome.  They're from the New Orleans chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  More than 100 of them started the mission on Sunday morning.

Step one was to unload all the cans of food collected by students from New Orleans area schools.

The cans include cream style navy beans, cream style red beans, peas, carrots, navy beans, tomato meat sauce, tuna, black beans, evaporated milk and cranberry sauce.

The ship is 30 feet long.  And it's 10 feet tall.

The canned goods will set sail with a final destination on the tables of hungry people in South Louisiana.  All those cans of food wind up providing 75,000 meals.

Schools participating in the food drive spent the last six weeks collecting and gathering cans of food.  It's been part of a food drive contest from Carnival.  The top food can collectors will get a celebration party that will take place right on a Carnival cruise ship in the Port of New Orleans.