Terrorists kill 23 tourists as MSC Splendida and Costa Fascinosa visit Tunis

By ,   March 19, 2015 ,   Accidents

UPDATE: According to Tunisian authorities, the number of people who have been killed during the terrorist attack is 23. 4 suspects have been arrested for links to the attack.

Costa and MSC Cruises have confirmed that 3 passengers on Costa Fascinosa and 10 passengers on MSC Splendida have died in the terrorist attack in Tunisia. One Briton, 3 Japanese people, 2 French, 2 Spanish and 2 Colombians are the MSC victims, according to official statement of the line.
Costa Cruises confirmed 8 passengers who have been injured are currently being treated in hospitals; 2 remain unaccounted for. A further 12 travelers were injured, and 5 (2 Spanish nationals, 1 Belgian, 1 French and 1 Japanese) are "still unaccounted for". The company said these numbers were still subject to modification.

Yesterday, several gunmen stormed a popular museum in Tunis, killing tourists, Tunisian civilians and 2 police officers. As many as two dozen were injured.

Two cruise ships were in port and thousands of passengers were sent into the city on excursions. According to CNN, at the time of the attack some of the cruise passengers were at the museum. 

The Daily Mail reported a Tunisian tourist guide 'stared death in the face' as terrorists had opened fire on his clients in the attack which saw tourists shot as they exited cruise ship buses outside the museum.

The terrorists targeted the buses when they arrived at the Bardo museum. Dressed in police uniforms, the terrorists opened fire on the people before they could reach the entrance of the museum.   

At the time of the attack Costa Fascinosa, carrying 3,161 passengers, was docked in Tunis. MSC Splendida ship was also in Tunis at the time.

The Bardo National Museum is visited regularly by plenty of tourists, many disembarking from Mediterranean voyages. 

The group is believed to be affiliated with an Islamic terrorist organization like ISIS as Tunisia is its major recruiting ground. 

The siege was the most violent tourists’ attack in over a decade.

On its website Costa stated that the Costa Fascinosa had left the port of Tunis at 1:55 p.m. The captain reported 13 passengers had not returned to ship upon departure.