Carnival Triumph passenger overboard, found dead

By ,   March 19, 2015 ,   Accidents

A passenger on Carnival Triumph has gone overboard on March 17. The incident has happened while the ship was near Progreso, Mexico. 

After the accident, John Heald, Carnival Cruise Director, stated on his FB page that they were conducting a search and rescue operation.

According to AIS tracking systems, Carnival Triumph arrived in Progreso on March 17, early afternoon and did not leave until 11:00 p.m. The tracking systems showed no circles or Williamson turn indicating that the ship has been involved in a search, but perhaps the Triumph deployed rescue craft.

Carnival statement says that the report received of a potential man overboard was confirmed through a review of the camera footage of Carnival Triumph. The missing passenger was a 54-year-old male. Carnival Triumph was conducting search and rescue operation in conjunction with Mexican authorities who had vessels on site at a position off the northern Mexico coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

Early Wednesday morning Authorities found what they believed was the body of the traveler. According to Carnival, the body was taken to Mexico and will later be sent to the U.S. for identification.

The Triumph ship was on the last step of a 4-day cruise from Galveston, Texas. Ship's arrival in Galveston today (March 19) is expected to be delayed until 11 a.m. Carnival's CareTeam was providing support to the traveling companions of the missing man.