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Bratislava is a Danube River cruise port, as well as Slovakia's capital and largest city (population of around 450,000). The metropolitan area has a population of over 650,000. The city is located in the country's southwestern part, occupying both banks of Danube plus the west bank of Morava River. Bratislava is the world's only capital city bordering with two other countries - Austria (west) and Hungary (southeast). The city has renown universities, museums, art galleries, theatres, also the headquarters of large Slovakian companies and financial institutions, offices of large multi-national corporations.Bratislava (Slovakia) river cruise port

Bratislava was the capital of Hungary (as part of the Habsburg Monarchy's territories. Among most popular attractions, excursions and tours offered in Bratislava are:

  • Bratislava Castle was built in the 10th century (during the Kingdom of Hungary times) and converted into a fortress in 1430 by Sigismund of Luxemburg. Under Queen Maria Theresa (House of Habsburg), the castle was a royal seat. In 1811 the castle was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in the 1950s.
  • Devín Castle's ruins is a most important archaeological sites and has a museum. The castle was destroyed in 1809.
  • Rusovce mansion has an English park and the Gerulata ruins (a Roman military camp built between 1st-4th centuries).
  • Bratislava has close to the city centre a massive forest park space of nearly 47 km2 (18 ml2). Its largest park is named Horský Park located in the Old Town. Bratislavský lesny park is in the Little Carpathians and includes the popular among tourists towns Koliba and Zelezna. Most of the parks are forested with oak and hornbeam trees. Their flora and fauna features badgers, foxes, deer, wild boar. Mlynská dolina has the city's zoological park with the Bratislava Zoo. Comenius University has the city's Botanical Gardens.
  • Bratislava has several natural and artificial lakes, used mostly for recreation.
  • Slovak National Museum and the Natural History Museum are in the Old Town. Bratislava City Museum (est 1868) is Slovakia's oldest museum. Slovak National Gallery has two galleries in Bratislava (at Esterházy Palace and the Water Barracks in the Old Town). Bratislava City Gallery (displays at at Pálffy Palace and Mirbach Palace in the Old Town) is the country's 2nd-largest of its kind, Danubiana Art Museum is located near Cunovo waterworks.

Each year the city is visited by around 990,000 people, over 750,000 of whom are foreigners staying in hotels overnight. The largest numbers of those are from Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, the UK.

Highlights: Bratislava castle, castle of St.Martin, Old town Hall, Mirbach Palace

Bratislava cruise terminal

Bratislava's passenger port is located directly in the city center. Here dock all major river cruise lines ships. The cruise port is located near two tram / bus stops (Stura, and Safarikovo), each at approx 5-min walking distance from the port. Near the docking area are located the Old Bridge and the Slovak National Museum.Bratislava (Slovakia) river cruise ship docking port

A local company offers from here scenic city cruises (sightseeing tours) within Bratislava.

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Day Ships in port
1 May, 2017
Avalon Vista(arriving at 01 May - departing at 01 May)
2 May, 2017
Avalon Panorama(arriving at 02 May - departing at 02 May)
3 May, 2017
MS Thomas Hardy(arriving at 03 May - departing at 03 May)
5 May, 2017
Avalon Vista(arriving at 05 May - departing at 05 May)
6 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 06 May - departing at 06 May)
7 May, 2017
Scenic Jade(arriving at 07 May - departing at 07 May)
8 May, 2017
ms Beethoven(arriving at 08 May - departing at 08 May)
9 May, 2017
AmaStella(arriving at 09 May - departing at 09 May)
10 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 10 May - departing at 10 May)
11 May, 2017
Avalon Illumination(arriving at 11 May - departing at 11 May)
12 May, 2017
MS Treasures(arriving at 12 May - departing at 12 May)
13 May, 2017
MS Savor(arriving at 13 May - departing at 13 May)
14 May, 2017
AmaCerto(arriving at 14 May - departing at 14 May)
15 May, 2017
MS Savor(arriving at 15 May - departing at 15 May)
16 May, 2017
MS Treasures(arriving at 16 May - departing at 16 May)
17 May, 2017
Avalon Panorama(arriving at 17 May - departing at 17 May)
18 May, 2017
MS Esprit(arriving at 18 May - departing at 18 May)
19 May, 2017
Avalon Panorama(arriving at 19 May - departing at 19 May)
20 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 20 May - departing at 20 May)
ms La Boheme(arriving at 20 May - departing at 21 May)
21 May, 2017
AmaSerena(arriving at 21 May - departing at 21 May)
ms Symphonie(arriving at 21 May - departing at 22 May)
22 May, 2017
ms Beethoven(arriving at 22 May - departing at 22 May)
23 May, 2017
AmaStella(arriving at 23 May - departing at 23 May)
24 May, 2017
SS Maria Theresa(arriving at 24 May - departing at 24 May)
25 May, 2017
Emerald Destiny(arriving at 25 May - departing at 25 May)
26 May, 2017
Avalon Expression(arriving at 26 May - departing at 26 May)
27 May, 2017
MS Savor(arriving at 27 May - departing at 27 May)
28 May, 2017
MS Amadeus Princess(arriving at 28 May - departing at 28 May)
29 May, 2017
Avalon Illumination(arriving at 29 May - departing at 29 May)
30 May, 2017
AmaViola(arriving at 30 May - departing at 30 May)
ms La Boheme(arriving at 30 May - departing at 31 May)
31 May, 2017
AmaPrima(arriving at 31 May - departing at 31 May)