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69.64727 N, 18.95686 E

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Tromso is a port city in Northern Norway. The city has population around 70,000, ranking it the largest above Arctic Circle and the world's northernmost one with population over 50,000. The world's secong largest northernmost town is Alta Norway (population around 15,000).

Tromso (Norway) cruise port

Tromso is also one of the Hurtigruten ports along the "Express Route" (Norwegian Coastal Express). This is a regularly scheduled ferry and cruise itinerary in Norway, between the turnaround ports Bergen (southmost) and Kirkenes (northmost).

Tromso is famous for its Arctic Cathedral, planetarium and old districts with charming wooden houses. The town is the Norwegian Arctic's tourist and cultural centre, with plenty of cafes, museums and even a brewery with a beer hall to be visited. Remember to see the amazing coastal views from Mt Storsteinen, that is also reachable by cable-car.

Established during 13th century, the town slowly developed as a fishing port with a church. It eventually became the major port for barter trade with Russia. In the 19th century, Tromso became the "Gate to the Arctic" after Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen (both links are to the Hurtigruten ships) used Tromso as a starting point for their European Arctic expeditions. Today, the city is often referred to as "Paris of the North".

The following YouTube vide is an official release and reviews Tromso Havn (port) .

Highlights: Arctic Cathedral, Storsteinen Mountain

Tromso cruise terminal

Port Tromso (Tromso Havn) has all 4 terminals - named Passasjerterminal (passenger / ferry and cruise terminal), Godsterminal (freight / cargo terminals), Fryseterminal (freezer terminals), and Industri- og offshorehavn (industrial and offshore port).

  • Passenger terminal Prostneset is a new facilty (scheduled completion 2018). Here dock Hurtigruten's express ferry ships, as well as all cruise ships in Tromso. The terminal serves both (cruise) tourists and the local Norwegian population.
  • Cargo terminals at Breivika serve several Norwegian transportation companies (with their offices there). Among the largest are Postnord Logistics, Schenker, Lars Holm Shipping. Another cargo terminal is operated by the company NorLines (shipping and logistics).
  • Freezer terminals are two cold storage facilities - named Tromsoterminalen, and Troms Fryseterminal.
  • The port's Offshore and supply base at Grotsund is custom-made facility used for storage and transportation of equipment and goods to offshore oil and gas platforms. here the port also has facilities  for shiprepairs and maintenance works for oil rigs and subsea equipment.

Tromso Prostneset cruise terminal

Prostneset cruise ship terminal in Tromso features 3 modern-design buildings with combined area 13300 m2 (140,000 ft2). The facility is located close to the city centre and was designed to serve as Tromso's central transportation hub. The passenger terminal has meeting points, outdoor parks and waterfront promenade.

Tromso cruise ship terminal

Follows the list of Tronso port's main (larger) piers and quays. In brackets is shown the berth's length (L) and depth / max draft (D) in meters. All these ship docking facilities and double as waiting berths, excepting the Ro-Ro ramps.

  • Floating pier serves express ferries on the routes between Tromso and Harstad, Skjervoy and Vikran.
  • Quay 7 Prostneset (L 190 m / D 10 m) serves cruise ships.
  • Quay 8 (L 300 m / D 9,5 m) serves Hurtigruten, ships.
  • Quay 24 Breivika (L 410 m / D 11 m) serves fishing and cargo ships, also cruise ships.
  • Quay 25 Breivika (L 150 m / D 11,5 m) serves fishing- and offshore ships, also cruise ships and oil rigs.
  • Quay 1 Grotsund (L 130 m / D 22 m) serves offshore vessels and oil rigs.
  • Ro-Ro ramp Breivika (D 6,5 m) and Ro-Ro ramp Grotsund (D 10,8 m) both serve Ro-Ro (Roll-on/roll-off) vessels that carry wheeled cargo (cars, trucks, trailers, etc).

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Port Tromso cruise ship schedule shows timetable calendars of all arrival and departure dates by month. The port's schedule lists all ships (in links) with cruises going to or leaving from Tromso, Norway. To see the full itineraries (ports of call dates and arrival / departure times) and their lowest rates – just follow the corresponding ship-link.

Day Ships in port
2 May, 2017
MS Kong Harald(arriving at 02 May - departing at 02 May)
3 May, 2017
MS Lofoten(arriving at 03 May - departing at 03 May)
5 May, 2017
MS Nordlys(departing at 05 May)
MS Polarlys(arriving at 05 May - departing at 05 May)
6 May, 2017
MS Nordkapp(departing at 06 May)
MS Vesteralen(arriving at 06 May - departing at 06 May)
7 May, 2017
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 07 May - departing at 07 May)
8 May, 2017
MS Polarlys(arriving at 08 May - departing at 08 May)
9 May, 2017
MS Vesteralen(departing at 09 May)
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 09 May - departing at 09 May)
10 May, 2017
MS Richard With(arriving at 10 May - departing at 10 May)
11 May, 2017
MS Nordnorge(departing at 11 May)
MS Lofoten(arriving at 11 May - departing at 11 May)
12 May, 2017
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 12 May - departing at 12 May)
13 May, 2017
MS Kong Harald(arriving at 13 May - departing at 13 May)
14 May, 2017
MS Lofoten(arriving at 14 May - departing at 14 May)
16 May, 2017
MS Nordlys(departing at 16 May)
MS Polarlys(arriving at 16 May - departing at 16 May)
17 May, 2017
MS Nordkapp(departing at 17 May)
MS Vesteralen(arriving at 17 May - departing at 17 May)
18 May, 2017
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 18 May - departing at 18 May)
19 May, 2017
MS Polarlys(arriving at 19 May - departing at 19 May)
MS Fram(arriving at 19 May)
20 May, 2017
MS Vesteralen(departing at 20 May)
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 20 May - departing at 20 May)
21 May, 2017
MS Richard With(arriving at 21 May - departing at 21 May)
22 May, 2017
MS Nordnorge(departing at 22 May)
MS Lofoten(arriving at 22 May - departing at 22 May)
23 May, 2017
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 23 May - departing at 23 May)
24 May, 2017
MS Kong Harald(arriving at 24 May - departing at 24 May)
25 May, 2017
MS Lofoten(arriving at 25 May - departing at 25 May)
MS Deutschland(arriving at 13:00 - departing at 20:00)
26 May, 2017
MS Midnatsol(departing at 26 May)
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 26 May - departing at 26 May)
27 May, 2017
MS Nordlys(departing at 27 May)
MS Polarlys(arriving at 27 May - departing at 27 May)
28 May, 2017
MS Nordkapp(departing at 28 May)
MS Fram(arriving at 28 May)
MS Vesteralen(arriving at 28 May - departing at 28 May)
29 May, 2017
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 29 May - departing at 29 May)
30 May, 2017
MS Polarlys(arriving at 30 May - departing at 30 May)
31 May, 2017
MS Vesteralen(departing at 31 May)
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 31 May - departing at 31 May)
1 May, 2017
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 01 May - departing at 01 May)
4 May, 2017
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 04 May - departing at 04 May)
15 May, 2017
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 15 May - departing at 15 May)