Ytre Norskoya Island (Svalbard, Arctic Norway)

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Ytre Norskoya Island cruise port

Arctic - Antarctica

Local Time
23:17 21 Jul 2018

79.85883 N, 11.61358 E

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Ytre Norskoya (Outer Norway Island) is located on the northwest coast of Spitsbergen, part of Svalbard archipelago.

  • On the southern side of the island there are remains of a whaling station, rivaling in size Smeerenburg. Ytre Norskoya was the northernmost outpost in Europe ever established until early 19th century, as well as the most northerly permanent settlement of any size established until 1950s. The station had 9 tryworks, some with a single furnace, others with two.
  • To the west of these were buildings used by men working ashore. Further west is one of the biggest grave sites in Spitsbergen, with 165 graves found in it. The station probably belonged to Zeeland partners of Noordsche Compagnie, forced to settle on Ytre Norskoya after 1619 because the whaling ships belonging to Amsterdam did not allow them to establish at Smeerenburg.
  • The graves were examined in 1980 by Dutch archaeologists. Any preserved outfits and other textiles were taken to the Netherlands. Today they are a part of Smeerenburg Collection. In 2005 parts of it were returned to Svalbard and today are on display at Svalbard Museum.
  • A high look-out point on the isle named Zeeusche Uytkyk was used by the Dutch to look for the spouts of Bowhead Whales. The station was abandoned in 1670.

Ytre Norskoya Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Ytre Norskoya Island, Norway dock (anchor) at Spitsbergen, the largest and only permanently populated island of Svalbard archipelago.

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