MS Prince Vladimir

MS Prince Vladimir Review and Specifications

Specifications of MS Prince Vladimir

Year built 2018 new ship
Builder Krasnoye Sormovo (Sormovsky-Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
Class Russian river cruiser
Owner Mosturflot
Operator Mosturflot
Speed 12 kn / 22 kph / 14 mph
Length (LOA) 141 m / 463 ft
Beam (width) 17 m / 56 ft
Passengers 300
Decks 4
Cabins 169
Decks with cabins 3
Christened by tba

Review of MS Prince Vladimir

MS Prince Vladimir is a new Russian river cruise ship owned and operated by the privately-owned Russian shipping company Mosturflot ("Мостурфлот"). The comfortable 4-deck motorship was made (constructed and built) in Russia. The vessel's scheduled launch is in mid 2019. This modern Russian riverboat (Project PV300) is currently under construction at the shipbuilding yard Krasnoye Sormovo (Nizhny Novgorod Russia).

Russian cruise ship Project PV300

In August 2016, the “Lotos” plant located in Astrakhan Russia started the building of the first Russia-made cruise liner for the past 60 years. It is expected to construct 2 more same-design vessels, following the scheme PV300.

MS Prince Vladimir river cruise ship (Russia)

The new Prince Vladimir ship has maritime class “river-sea” and 5-star level of luxury and comfort. The RSCM (River Shipping Company of Moscow) and affiliated company Mosturflot took part in the development of the vessel's technical plan. “Mosturflot” is the first company to operate the newbuild, featuring the following main characteristics: length 141 m (463 ft), width 16,8 m (55 ft), capacity 300 passengers.

new Russian river cruise ship design (Mosturflot project PV300)

The planned cruise ship launch is by the end of 2018, with delivery to its owner by April 2019. The vessel is supposed to navigate mainly along the popular St Petersburg-Moscow river cruise route. During the time when Volga River navigation is not possible, the ship operates on Caspian Sea and Black Sea cruise itneraries.

Vodohod (Russia) river cruise ship Project PV300LMPP-110

In the end of 2016, Vodohod (privately-owned Russian river cruise company) signed a contract with “Joint Shipbuilding Corporation” (JSC) for construction of a PV300 ship. The building contractor of the project is PJSC “Krasnoe Sormovo”, ship construction plant in Nizhniy Novgorod. The newbuild is planned to be ready for 2020 navigation season. The cost of the contract is around RUB 3,2 billion (USD 56,8 million).

new Russian cruise ship design (bow / forward view)

The project realized by Vodohod company partly resembles PV300 project, as it was modified to meet the standards of commercial efficiency of the company. The full name of the project that is carried out by Vodohod is PV300LMPP-110. The newbuild is planned to navigate between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, with navigation duration up to five or more months.

new Russian cruise ship design (stern / aft view)

The future operator increased the ship's carrying capacity, which would be able to accommodate a total of 342 people. The new ship will have a total of 163 cabins and 6 suites. The average size of a standard stateroom is 19 m2 (204,5 ft2). For comparison, the average size of the cabins on other ships equals to 10 m2 (107,6 ft2). The cabins on the new cruise liner still feature balconies, nevertheless the number of Suites and Junior Suites (approx 30 m2/323 ft2) was reduced.

new Russian cruise ship design (above / top view)

Cruise company Vodohod, Russia’s Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard and leasing firm Goznak-Leasing signed a 3-party contract for the building and delivery of a cruise ship within Project PV-300. Under this agreement, the vessel was built at Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard, which is part of United Shipbuilding Corporation, and delivered to the customer Goznak-Leasing and the consignee Vodohod by February 1, 2020.

The shipbuilding project management firm MNP Group stated that the ship can be operated in coastal areas and sea, as well as in Onega and Ladoga lakes with waves of up to 3 m (9,8 ft) high. Designed by Marine Engineering Bureau, the vessel is the second within the project built at Russian shipyards.


Prince Vladimir cruise ship operates on the Volga River itinerary routes Moscow-Astrakhan and Moscow-St Petersburg - with a passage in Onega and Ladoga lakes. The riverboat also operates on the cruise route Moscow-Rostov-on-Don - with a passage through Volga-Don Canal.

Vodohod expects the newbuild to be of interest for both Russian and foreign customers. The project is targeting those vacationers who have never considered river cruises as a possible means of recreation, because of the lack of ships with appropriate level of comfort.

Shipbuilder Krasnoye Sormovo

Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard is one of Soviet Union's (USSR's) oldest shipbuilding factories. The yard is located in Sormovsk (city district of Nizhny Novgorod). The shipyard was founded in 1849 by the companies "Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory" and "Volga Steam Navigation".

The shipbuilder started construction of solid metal steamers (steam-powered ships) in 1851 and 3 years later developed screw schooners production. In 1858, Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory (yeard's original mane) produced Russia's first steam dredger. The first Russian 2-decked steamship (Perevorot) was constructed at the yard in 1871. In 1913, it produced Danilikha - a dry bulk cargo steamship. The factory built a total of 489 steam-powered vessels in the period 1849-1918. It also produced carriages, steam engines, steam locomotives, bridges, tramcars, diesel engines, pontoons, even cannons and projectiles.

During Russian Civil War (1918-1920), Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory constructed armored carriages, armored trains and various weapons for ships of the Volga Military Flotilla. During World War 2 (the period between 1941-1945), the renamed shipbuilder Krasnoye Sormovo Factory constructed T-34 tanks. After the war, it switched to large-block and sectional construction of vessels - (ocean and river ships, oil tankers, river dredgers). Krasnoye Sormovo was among USSR's most innovative factories.

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