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Rossiya icebreaker Review and Specifications

Specifications of Rossiya icebreaker

Year built 1985  /  Age : 33
Flag state Russia
Builder (Baltiysky Zavod) Baltic Shipyard (St Petersburg, Russia)
Class Russian nuclear icebreaker (Arktika-class, Project 10520)
Owner Russian Federation
Operator Atomflot (Rosmorport)
Speed 21 kn / 39 kph / 24 mph
Length (LOA) 150 m / 492 ft
Beam (width) 30 m / 98 ft
Gross Tonnage 20680 gt
Passengers 100
Crew 140
Decks 5

Review of Rossiya icebreaker

NS Rossiya ("атомный ледокол Россия") is a Russian nuclear icebreaker. "NS" stands for "nuclear ship". The vessel is state-owned (by the Russian Federation) and operated by Atomflot. The Atomflot company provides all Russian nuclear icebreakers with maintenance and technological services. The company also serves the country's special vessels fleet.

One of the largest Russian icebreaker ships, Rossiya is a nuclear-powered icebreaking vessel of the Arktika-class. As of 2017, Rossiya is the oldest nuclear icebreaker still in service.

In the Summer of 1990, this nuclear ship was used to transport an expedition of 40 West Germans to the North Pole. This was the first non-communist charter of a nuclear icebreaker. The ship operated in the Gulf of Finland during winter 2012-13.

Rossiya icebreaker's itinerary program offers North Pole expedition cruises and also longer itineraries on the Northern Sea Route along the Russia's Arctic coastline. Russia's nuclear fleet of ice-breaking vessels is used exclusively in the Arctic Ocean for escorting merchant ships and assisting research stations floating in the ice-covered waters north of Siberia. These ships are also used for scientific and Arctic cruise expeditions. The Russian nuclear ice-breakers must sail in ice-cold waters to effectively cool their reactors.

NS Rossiya icebreaker vessel details

NS Rossiya belongs to the Arktika-class nuclear ships - until 2017 the world's largest and most powerful ever constructed. The ship is one of all 6 vessels in this class, together with the old Sibir (1977-1992), the old Arktika (1975-2008), Sovetskiy Soyuz (1990), Yamal (1992) and 50 Let Pobedy (2007).old Arktika-class Russian icebreaker ship design (Project 10520)

Besides NS Rossiya, the list of other Russian nuclear icebreaker ships includes 50 Let Pobedy (2007, sister-ship, Arktika (2017), Sibir (2019), Rossiya (1985, sister-ship), Sovetskiy Soyuz (1990, sister-ship), Taymyr (1989), Ural (2020), Vaygach (1990), Yamal (1992, sister-ship), Sevmorput (1988, cargo ship).NS Rossiya icebreaker ship

Rossiya is among the 6 vessels of this class - together with the old Sibir (1977-1992), the old Arktika (1975-2008), Sovetskiy Soyuz (1990), Yamal (1992) and 50 Let Pobedy (2007).

  • The vessel has 1 dining room, Sauna, Library, Auditorium, Passenger Lounge, Gymnasium, 1 swimming pool (indoor, heated), Infirmary, 1 elevator, 1 helipad (helicopter deck) with 2 helicopters.
  • Max Draught: 11 m (36 ft)
  • DWT Deadweight tonnage: 2713 tons
  • Displacement tonnage: 23630 tons
  • Icebreaking capacity: 2,8 m (9 ft)
  • Range: unlimited (4 years endurance)
  • Power: 2 x OK-900A nuclear reactors (each 171 MW, or combined 342 MW power output)
  • Propulsion: turbo-electric, 3 shafts, 3 electric motors (17,6 MW output each, or 52,8 MW combined power output).

Note: In case of poor AIS coverage, tracking the vessel's current location will be impossible. You can see the CruiseMapper's list of all icebreakers and ice-breaking research ships in the "itinerary" section of our Icebreakers hub. All states and their fleets are listed there.

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