Top 5 Cruise Annoyances

By ,   July 12, 2015 ,   Tips & Tricks

A new research study revealed what cruisers consider the most annoying characteristics of fellow passengers on board. Top of the list leads the mindless chatter from fellow cruisers, with the invasion of personal space on the second place.

The study was carried out by It was compiled from the experiences of 1,738 vacationers, who had all been on a cruise holiday. The respondents were asked to name the things they felt were the most annoying during a cruise, with top 5 answers as follows:

  1. 38% - Annoying/Mindless chatter from fellow cruisers;
  2. 27% - Travelers invading personal space;
  3. 22% - Drunken behavior (shouting, arguments, fighting);
  4. 14% - Long queues at activities/buffet due to passenger indecisiveness;
  5. 11% - Irritating kids on board.

Various other, more obscure complaints include: a man on a cruise whose sleep had been interrupted every night for a 3-week long sailing as the couple in the stateroom next to him had made love too loudly; and an elderly couple who thought they had a ghost in their cabin.

94% of respondents stated that the overall cruise experience was something they much enjoyed, and that they hadn't been putting off another voyage in the future.

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager at, shared regarding the findings of the study, that it was important for cruise lines to be made aware of certain factors that customers didn't enjoy, or felt could be easily improved. A sign of a great company was one that would take the annoyances on board and try to improve conditions for passengers. 

This is why the majority of lines ask their guests to complete a survey at the end of their voyage to highlight areas that need improvement.