Which Are the World’s Unfriendliest Countries?

By ,   February 16, 2015 ,   Tips & Tricks

A report by World Economic Forum soon ranked the unfriendliest countries in the world for tourists. Which countries in the world are most welcoming to travellers; which give a cold shoulder?

“Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013” graded 140 countries by their attractiveness in the tourism and travel industries.

Among the most intriguing rankings was the way each country welcomes tourists – the category was formulated “Attitude of population toward foreign visitors”.

According to the rating Bolivia was ranked first, scoring 4.1 of 7 on the scale of (0) for “very unwelcome” to “very welcome” (7) nation. Which are the next: Venezuela and Russian Federation with a little better marks.

Overall, the score is bad for Mercosur. In this global ranking, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Uruguay plus the associated countries Bolivia, Peru, and Chile, didn’t fare encouragingly. The best position among these was Brazil (ranked 51) that is hosting the World Cup this year and the Olympic Games in 2016. Chile is in 58th position, next are Uruguay, Argentina, Peru (73), Venezuela and Paraguay (115).

Surprisingly, despite the huge tourist arrivals, China and South Korea together with four other nations took the eighth spot among the unfriendliest countries.

Iceland and New Zealand, which are at the other end of scale, were ranked the most welcoming nations in the world for visitors. The ranking for the friendliest countries, analyzing the competitiveness of each country in travel and tourism, was just one of the aspects of the report. In “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness” overall index Europe was top region with first five positions held by its nations. Switzerland, Germany, Austria, are top three in this order. Switzerland has headed this ranking since the beginning of index five years ago.

Prime tourism facilities and infrastructure, business travel appeal, rich cultural resources, and sustainable natural resources’ development are the key factors for the highest positions in rankings. Underdeveloped infrastructure, concerns about safety and sustainable development, are the factors which bring down the competitiveness of the different countries.

The U.S.A. were ranked 6th and topped combined Americas. 10th is Singapore, leading the Asia Pacific region before Australia and New Zealand. United Arab Emirates with 28th place is the friendliest country in Middle East. The Seychelles (ranked 38th) headed Africa, overtaking Mauritius.

The report ranking world’s unfriendliest countries, emphasized the need for development in tourism sector, and its role for creating jobs in relatively stagnant world economy. The travel industry accounts currently for one in eleven jobs globally.

“Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013” used compiled data from Executive Opinion Survey of the World Economic Forum, as well as hard data from a variety of private sources, national and international organizations and agencies, such as the IATA, ICAO, UNWTO, IUCN, WHO, UNESCO, the World Bank (International Finance Corporation).

Following is the rating of the friendliest and unfriendliest countries in the world.


Friendliest countries

  1. Iceland, New Zealand – 6.8
  2. Morocco, Macedonia, FYR, Austria, Senegal – 6.7
  3. Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Burkina Faso – 6.6

Unfriendliest countries

  1. Bolivia – 4.1
  2. Venezuela – 4.5
  3. Russian Federation – 5.0
  4. Kuwait, Latvia, Iran – 5.2
  5. Pakistan – 5.3
  6. Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Mongolia – 5.5

Well, we have to admit at last, that when traveling, the unfriendliest countries just don’t like us… or at least, we feel that way.