River ship collision on Rhine River: 11 injured

By ,   August 18, 2015 ,   River Cruises

A freight barge and a river cruise ship collided on Rhine River in Düsseldorf, Germany. 11 passengers have been injured.

The accident involved the 194-passenger river ship A-Rosa Aqua, and a cargo vessel transporting corn. The collision happened yesterday, August 17, at 10:20a.m. local time. Of the 11 travelers who were hurt on board the Aqua, two required hospital treatment. The injuries are reported not to be serious.

A  spokesperson for A-Rosa confirmed that there had been an accident with one of their ships. It had collided with a cargo vessel but the good news was there had been no serious injuries to the passengers, just bruises and bumps.

The line has not yet commented on the extent of damage and how the accident will impact the remainder of itinerary because the damage was still being assessed. The cause of the collision is not yet known.

A-Rosa Aqua is currently stopped in Dusseldorf with her passengers onboard. Technical experts are still working to assess the damage. The ship was fully chartered by a Spanish cruise group.

Low water levels of rivers in Europe caused several amendments and cancellations to river itineraries this summer. A stranded cargo ship blocked river sailings on the Danube last week.