When is the Cheapest Time to Cruise?

By ,   November 23, 2015 ,   Tips & Tricks

Just tell me when is the cheapest time to cruise, what are the cheapest months for the best price deals for the very inexpensive to most affordable cruise ship tickets. Then someone, please, give me the money for this cheapest cruise! In such a fortunate case, my money and the not-mine money combined will give me the blessed chance to go whenever I wanna go on a cruise, and the hell with the cheapest! You know what the wise say - just give me the luxuries, and the hell with the necessities. Yep, it surely sounds like fun, but our contemporary time is more or less (more!) about money, so "cheapest is the best" is my motto too.

the cheapest time to take a cruise gives money for having fun

When is the Cheapest Time to Cruise

The right answer will give you the chance to book the cheapest deals with some of the best ever rates (including cheap all-inclusive deals). It also means alluring promotions and discounts (like two for one, kids sail for free or free airfare promos). Plus you will absolutely get some of the discounted rates by the most popular discount types: Military, Past Guest, Last Minute and ship relocation. Low season travel deals offer attractive prices, unique promotions and unbeatable rates to the world's best travel destinations - Caribbean, Alaska and Europe.

Discount cruise deals, generally accepted as "more secure", are those in the so called low or off season (as well as hurricane season) in a particular region, i.e. when the itinerary attracts fewest guests. The lowest cruise prices are just one of the best bonuses on such deals. Sailing on not so crowded ships, enjoying the same ports of call and shore excursions at much better prices, same onboard amenities, duty-free and on-sale shopping, all the fun a ship cruise vacation may offer is the same - it's just cheapest.

Cheap all-inclusive cruise travel deals in low season may become even cheaper with early booking, group-booking (15+ passengers), by the line's loyalty program (for past travelers), by member discount programs (for members of large organizations, such as AARP, AAA, police, military, fire dpt, etc). Cheap packages with airfare included, along with free shore excursions, onboard credit, even with fitness and spa included in the fares are some of the things travel agencies are throwing in just to sweeten the deal. The ruse for finding your low season travel temptation is to know when the low season begins for a particular itinerary/destination.

There are some cases in with the cheapest time being a total surprise. All Carnival cruise ship accidents forced CCL to drop its rates so low, that it is a crime not to cruise with Carnival these days! The current Carnival Cruise Lines fares are from 30 to over 50% lower than their corresponding rates in 2012! I know it's a PR and a publicity stunt, but who cares! As long as they are the cheapest cruise line in the world they will have no real competition not only in the Caribbean, but in all the places where the Fun Ships sail.

the cheapest time to cruise by region/destination

  • Cheapest time to cruise ALASKA. Travel deals to Alaska must be booked during May or September. Alaska in low season has an unpredictable weather - in bad weather, many tours will be canceled. Be open to chances of enjoying "only" the on-board activities and amenities.
  • Cheapest time to cruise the CARIBBEAN from Florida. Low season discount prices at several times throughout the year. The cheap Caribbean ship cruises must be booked either between April and May, or between late September and January. Avoid the holiday weeks - always crowded, and expensive. Cheap Caribbean deals often result in saving hundreds of dollars per person. The Caribbean low season lasts from June to November, and means hurricanes. As a relief, there are no cruise casualties due to hurricanes, and the modern cruise ships have enough options to avoid these forces of Nature (high speed, communications, satellite weather forecasting, etc).
  • Repositioning Cruises in Spring and Fall each year. The HAWAII cruise ships sail in perfect almost year-round, and cheap travel to Hawaii is mostly offered with one-way cruises from Alaska to Hawaii. All inclusive vacation to Hawaii is the other popular option for enjoying this destination. The low season here includes the late August and November, and also February and May. Still, for a discount Hawaii cruise deals, check regularly the major lines and travel agencies.
  • Cheap BALTIC SEA deals in September offer huge discounts. The low season here concerns entirely the school schedules, since this destination is popular year-round.
  • MEDITERRANEAN lines and ships offer discounts and promotions for Southern Mediterranean sailings during the winter. For the Eastern and Western Mediterranean book in early spring and fall. Mild climate, historically and culturally rich itineraries, great cuisine, amazing city ports, some of the best shore excursions in Europe.

You'll find the cheapest cruise tickets through perseverance, head planning, Web research, and early booking (check also the wave season cruise deals). A trustworthy travel agency would increase greatly your chances for a memorable low season discounted sea vacation deal. One of the most reputable online traders of all kinds of discounted tickets are Hotwire, Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia.