Healthy eating habits can be easily maintained by weight loss program while on a weight loss cruise. There are two ways for a weight loss cruise which provide environment conducive to progress of cruisers. The following is integrated with Staying in Shape on a Cruise.

Group weight loss cruises feature healthy activities and food for pre-scheduled group, but the group doesn't occupy entire ship. A weight loss cruise ship program provides in-demand activities and high-powered celebrities and they reserve all cabins for weight loss passengers. The weight loss groups receive dietary support from nutritionists who conduct seminars about healthy living. You enjoy healthy dining options- complete menu prepared with attention to nutritional value and taste. Kitchen staff can answer special diet requests as heart-healthy or vegetarian diet. Usually nutrition specialists have meals along with the group and it is an opportunity for healthy meal choices discussions. So check out our survey dedicated to the new cruising wave:

Health and fitness on a weight loss cruise ship vacation

Weight Loss Cruise

Fitness activities and on-board exercises on a weight loss themed cruise will help your weight loss program while on-board your ship. Usually shipboard exercises include aerobics, yoga, tai-chi. Runs or deck walks, special exercise programs, water aerobics and others are also available. Pedometer shore walks will help keep moving when in ports of call.

Your chances to lose weight successfully will be increased if you carefully do pre-cruise planning for a weight loss vacation. Better contact dietitian who is registered to help establish personal food guidelines and meet dietary goals. Include a delicious snack so not to feel deprived, afterwards overindulge in foods that do not have high nutritional value. Request online or printed food template to help track food consumption and make reservations for the weight loss voyage through your group if it is possible. Group's coordinator may obtain favorable group fares. Contact a travel agent when you plan to travel alone, as to let you know the new itineraries and offerings. Travel companies focused on fitness options may be of assistance. Confirm weight loss meal plans and special fares if you book through lines websites.

The phenomenon of gaining weight while on a cruise ship vacation and weight loss is well-known and depressing. Ship travel vacations are well known as food traps- passengers tend to lose control over calorie intake. Culinary displays and all-inclusive packages- how could you resist? But after all, this depends on the itinerary and you may even come home fitter than you have left.

Weight Loss Cruises

Fitness and weight loss Spa cruise experiences on major cruise linescruise ship Spa
Celebrity Cruises, for example, and its “Celebrity Eclipse” provides intensive programs on their weight loss cruises. You can join exercise classes, held all day, wellness lectures, healthy cooking demonstrations. Doing so, you may be quickly motivated and adopt health-promoting lifestyle. If you sign up, you will have access to weight-loss meal choices, not part of regular on-board menus. Cruisers easily learn to eat better food and start losing weight after picking up tricks from on-board health experts. It is not all! You will still feel that this is the vacation of a lifetime. Getting away from everyday environment will lead to lifestyle changes. Bad habits over the years are the biggest obstacles to your healthy living. Quickly take fun vacation and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle!

Not only Celebrity has discovered the new niche of travel and advantages of a weight loss cruise. Royal Caribbean “Freedom of the Seas,” is famous for one of the most sophisticated and largest fitness and spa centers at sea. The workout arena is 17,000-square-foot; an ice rink, rock-climbing wall, boxing ring and luxury spa are also available. Cunard Queen Mary 2 Canyon Ranch Spa is even more spacious. Not only mega-ships do the utmost to accommodate passengers who seek fitness opportunities. Smaller-size ship operators also follow suit. For example, Windstar expanded fitness facilities and also provides numerous healthy meal options and vegetarian menus.

The opportunities for weight loss while cruising do not include just onboard activities. Cruise ship companies offer programs in different sports categories, including onshore day trips for biking, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, climbing, rafting and more. Getting heavier on cruise vacation is no longer inevitable.

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