No Single Supplement Cruises

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This review is on the subjects of no single supplement cruises and which cruise lines have single cabins on cruise ships. Single occupancy cabins are a special type cruise staterooms. Integrated with Singles Cruise Deals and our Theme Cruises hub.

The single person cruise supplement is offered by virtually all the lines/operators, but, of course, the cheapest rates are on cruise ships with single cabins. Cheap "solo cruise deals" (with no single supplement rates) could be also offered as a bonus, cabin upgrade, special offers, as part of group booking, etc.

What "No Single Supplement Cruises"? Why to book singles cruise vacations, anyway?

Booking No Single Supplement cruise deals

no single supplement cruises

As sailings organized especially for singles, these are another very well accepted type of land and sea travel deals. The Single Parent Cruise specials, though rarely available, offer great opportunities to share life experiences, to meet people with common interests, and to make new friends all over the world.

Who goes on Single cruises?

Well, mostly single persons, of course. And while speaking of those single, but not alone people, I recommend you reading the Wikipedia's Single Person article.

Single cruises attract mostly people between 40 and 50 years of age, who prefer the cruise ship travel as a way to socialize and connect. Single cruise specials and general offers may refer either to dating services or a group themed cruise for singles, sharing same interests, tastes, occupation, of similar age, etc. The "Single Cruise Over 40" and the "Senior Single Cruise" themed deals are very popular options for traveling solo on cruise ship.

No Single Supplement cruise specials - programming and activities

Traveling solo generally means that a passenger simply needs another person of the same sex as a roommate, to share the cost of the trip. Some specialized in single travel agencies offer even roommate matching services. The feature activities on a single travel ship vacation include an introducing event, games, social gatherings, age-related events, dating events, parties, dance lessons, various classes, etc. As one of the most singles-oriented cruise lines, Crystal boasts the "Ambassador Host Program" - especially for singles, solo travelers, and mostly for the unescorted ladies on board Crystal's luxury vessels - with cultured and well-traveled hosts as dance and conversation partners.

Single occupancy cruise deals, no single supplement cruise rates changes, and some tips on traveling solo

single occupancy cruise single supplement

These are from the category of the special rates (for most of the voyages, the line's official rates are based on double cabin occupancy). To avoid paying double the price you've expected, check the line's single supplement rates, i.e. how much exactly you are going to pay for a single cruise occupancy. The singles cruise price includes cabin, dining, on-board activities and entertainment, plus all specific singles events, organized by the travel agency (often, the fares also include the airfare).

No single supplement cruise holidays prices

Single supplement rates depend on line and ship - between 110% and 200%, i.e. you are going to pay from 55% to 100% of the full cabin fare. Some major lines (like Carnival, and Holland America) offer the so called "single shares" - a solo passenger agrees to share the cabin with another person. The luxury Crystal line, with clientele of many singles on their vessels, has single supplement rate of 125%. Another  "all-inclusive" example is Silversea - single supplement rate of only 110%, but the ships sail on longer, and way more expensive itineraries.

No single supplement cruise news and changes

Just recently, Carnival raised their singles cruise rates across the fleet. But even though single rates did go up, it's not the same in all cabin categories. Less popular for solo travelers cabin categories (such as balcony cabins, for example) may offer very reasonable affordable single supplement rates in the range of 150-160% compared to 2-per-cabin rates. In the same time, popular among singles categories (like Oceanview and Interior cabins) have their rates increased. Generally, the taxes/fees are no more than they usually are. According to numerous single cruisers reviews, currently Royal Caribbean and NCL offer the best single cruise supplement rates on the market, but this is not a rule - it's not on every sailing, so you have to price each cruise. As numbers, on Royal Caribbean cruises you could find deals with single cruise rates of only ~$40 more than the double occupancy rate. On NCL single supplement rates go all in between 0% and 200%. The NCL's Transatlantic cruises offer supplement between 120% and 160%.

No single supplement cruise offers will become more and more rare

These type of special cruise deals are doomed to become less and less available. Cruise ships cost to build is too much for lines to afford an empty bed in your cabin - without charging you extra. Unless they build smaller and very special ships only for solo cruisers! This here is one perfectly spiffing idea, right? Who knows, they build a new Titanic, why not a totally "no single supplement cruise ship" called "Singles Heaven"! Ahhhh, I caught myself dreaming again!

Still, it's kinda sad that Carnival lines raised their traveling single cruise rates. The Fun Line use to have some pretty good single rates - and "fun" and "single" usually match perfectly. The truth is, other lines now have much better single supplement rates. Still, to compare Carnival single cruise prices on a particular destination/itinerary is a must - even with 200% supplement sometimes (think of promotions, discounts, and so on) even with that, CCL rates could be still lower for singles compared to those of other lines. A good advice is to price out different sailings on different lines and basically to compare the final prices - not only to compare the lines' single supplement percentage.

The total single cruise cost also depends on destination. For example, you can get a great bargain on Alaska single cruise deals - just consider a 7-day round-trip with single supplement 200% on a Celebrity ship at ~$1040 (Interior room). Cool, huh? But - there are ~$400 taxes/fees on Alaskan cruises (which is normal for this destination), so it's not that "hot cool" single travel deal anymore.

Cruise lines and ships with single cabins

cruise lines ships with single cabinsShips which have single occupancy cabins are relatively new, they offer the very attractive option for traveling solo at highly reduced rates. However, some single cruise cabins have been additionally added on newly refurbished cruise ships. The first among the cruise lines with single cabins as to availability is the NCL Norwegian Line. One of the ever best no single supplement cruise ship with single cabins is the Norwegian Epic ship - the NCL's largest. The Epic has its "Studios Staterooms" (a total of 128, many connecting), especially designed and priced for solo travelers (size of 9 m2/100 ft2). And as a feature onboard venue for guests traveling solo, the Epic ship has its "Studios Lounge". There are two more NCL ships with solo cabins - and these are the NCL's newest ships Norwegian Breakaway (2013) and Norwegian Getaway (2014). Each of those two offer single cruise deals on single cabins, the number of their studio/solo cabins is 59 per ship. Other cruise lines/ships with single cabins are P&O Azura (18), P&O Arcadia (6), P&O Ventura (18), RCCL Radiance (3), NCL Pride of America/Hawaii (4), Fred Olsen line's ships - Balmoral (64), Boudicca (42), Braemar (40) and Black Watch (40), the Saga ships Saga Ruby (92), and the CMV ships Magellan and Columbus (ex Pacific Pearl) - each with 150 single cabins.

single person cruise deals agencies listAmong the best websites for single person cruise deals (agencies for singles) are (the promotion section), (in the deals section), (the "Singles" section),, Singles Travel International and