Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 Refurbishment Schedule

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Read all about the Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 upgrade, schedule (dry-dock dates) by the Carnival Cruise Lines ship refurbishment, renovation and enhancement program. Our list of Fun Ship 2.0 refurbished Carnival ships will tell you on which ships are all the new upgrades available. We also have the Carnival cruise ship refurbishment schedule for the regular maintenance of Carnival ships with more or less of the Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades to be installed. Integrated with Carnival cruise information, and  at this link you can see all major lines cruise ships refurbishments schedule and news.

"Carnival Fun Ship" today means so much more than a logo content for the world's biggest cruise line. It means quality, unique features and specific trends of targeting the big cruise ship travel industry at levels no one has seen before. Carnival Fun Ship is a term referring to the consistent policy of the Carnival company to keep its huge fleet up-to-date, always better, most fun, special and absolutely unique.

Carnival Fun Ship 1.0 program

Carnival Fun Ship 1.0 upgrades program (officially "Evolutions of Fun") was part of the company's ship refit-refurbishment program, pertaining mostly to the oldest Carnival ships of the Fantasy-class (Ecstasy, Elation, Fantasy, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Paradise, Sensation). It included adding all the special Fun Ship features, like the biggest LED screen at sea ("Seaside Theatre"), WaterWorks (aqua park), Serenity Retreat (adults-only complex), mini-golf course, enlarging the onboard spa, Camp Carnival (kids programming), refitting Oceanview cabins into balconied, implementing fleetwide the "Your Time Dining" concept, etc.

This "first wave" of making Carnival Fun Ships better started in 2007 and was finished in 2010.

Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 program

"Impressive" is the right word for the Carnival's "Fun Ship 2.0" program. The new set of upgrades and renovations covers dining, entertainment, public venues (bars, lounges, outdoor decks).

It all started with the Carnival Liberty ship in October 2011. The list of ships that won't receive the "full pack" of new features included Conquest, Glory, Freedom and Valor, and partially Magic and Dream. The reason - they didn't have the necessary deck space for all of the 2.0 upgrades.

The Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades/renovation program was initiated in 2011, extending through the end of 2015. "Fun Ship 2.0" is Carnival's USD 500 million product-enhancement initiative encompassing 14 Carnival ships and incorporating the CCL's concepts already introduced on the newest Carnival ships (Vista, Horizon, Panorama), plus adding numerous brand new features. It also includes the design visions and direct involvement and participation of celebrities, like the "delicious" Guy Fieri and George Lopez "the fun". Carnival's fleet renovations project was also a "most fun" media content in the following 5 years in which it was implemented.

Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades

carnival fun ship 2.0 schedule

  • "Carnival cruise burgers" at "Guy's Burger Joint" (by the Food Network's Fieri) are free of charge top-notch Beef burgers with huge slabs of beef, 2 kinds of cheese, hand-cut fries and the ton of smiles (poolside, open for lunch/dinner/snacks).
  • A new onboard comedy program overseen by the new Carnival Line's comedy director - the celebrity George Lopez and the "The Punchliner Comedy Club" - high quality live comedy shows as part of the onboard evening entertainment, performed in the main dining rooms.
  • An upgraded music program, overseen by the Carnival Line's official DJ - the celebrity DJ Irie of the "Miami Heat".
  • Upgraded stage shows - "Motor City" (60s Motown hits), "Divas" (music-dance-fashion, with music from female singers) and the themed "Latin Nights" and "The Brits!".
  • The list of new venues on Carnival ships includes "SportSquare", "Cherry on Top" (shop), "Cucina del Capitano" (family restaurant with its best Italian cuisine and singing waiters), "RedFrog Pub" (introduced on Breeze, then copied fleetwide: as the Caribbean "RedFrog Rum Bar", the new Carnival "ThirstyFrog Red" (private label draft brew) "BlueIguana Tequila Bar" (signature frozen drinks and Mexican beers. Both bars are located pool deck, both allowing the most casual shorts and flip flops.
  • The list of new ship bars continues with "Library Bar" (bar service, automatic wine dispensers), top-modern "EA SPORTS Bar" (interactive EA video games, watching live sports on a huge video-wall, 24-7 real-time sports scores) and "Alchemy Bar" (traditional, specialty / custom made cocktails) - a free-choice concept to mix your own concoctions via tablet.
  • A new free of charge casual dining venue is the "BlueIguana Cantina" (on pool deck) - a fresh Mexican cuisine of burritos, tacos and on board-made tortillas with a big variety of salsas and toppings, Mexican beers and frozen drinks, live music - it surely sounds great!
  • As to the new entertainment, besides the Lopez effect, "The Game Show" (licensed by Hasbro Inc) permitts ship passengers to play Hasbro classics on stage and on giant LED screens. 6 main games are included in the show - "Sorry Sliders", "Simon Flash", "Yahtzee Bowling", "Operation" and "Connect 4 Basketball". "Playlist Productions" (30-minute shows by leading West End and Broadway caliber producers and directors) features current musical hits, "high speed energy" shows, great special effects combined with live performances. Breeze ship's passengers were the first ever to experience this new kind of show productions.

Carnival refurbishment schedule (dry dock dates)

carnival fun ship 2.0 program

Carnival ships to be refurbished in 2016

  • Inspiration (Jan 18 - Feb 5)
  • Fantasy (Feb 6–20)
  • Liberty (Dec 1-16)
  • Magic (Feb 21 - Mar 5)
  • Imagination (Sept 4–22) Fun Ship 2.0
  • Splendor (Mar 6–20)
  • Sunshine (May 8 - 20)
  • Triumph (Mar 21 - Apr 3)
  • Valor (Apr 23 - May 7) Fun Ship 2.0

Carnival ships refurbished in 2017

  • Breeze (Apr 16 - 29)
  • Conquest (Sept 30 - Oct 13)
  • Dream (Jan 30 - Feb 11) - Bonsai Sushi, Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse
  • Ecstasy (Jan 10 - 27)
  • Elation (Aug 31 - Sept 27) Fun Ship 2.0
  • Glory (Feb 25 - Mar 10) - WaterWorks aquapark
  • Sensation (Feb 9 - 22)

Carnival ships to be refurbished in 2018

  • Victory (Jan 5-20)
  • Fascination (Jan 31 - Feb 17)
  • Inspiration (Nov 5-15)
  • Paradise (Feb 22 - Mar 25)
  • Legend (May 1-14)
  • Spirit (May) in Singapore

Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 schedule

All Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades, and which ships have what. Integrated with Carnival cruise dining options. By the Fun Ship 2.0 program, the older Carnival ships  are upgraded with the following facilities, venues and amenities:

  1. RedFrog Bar
  2. BlueIguana Tequila Bar
  3. BlueIguana Cantina
  4. Guy’s Burger
  5. Alchemy Bar
  6. DJ IRIE
  7. Punchliners Club
  8. Hasbro
  9. Playlist Productions
  10. EA Sports Bar
  11. Library Bar
  12. Taste Bar
  13. Carnival Steakhouse
  14. (unique venues) Bonsai Sushi, Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse


all, plus Cucina del Capitano, Bonsai Sushi, Fat Jimmy's BBQ, SeaDogs

last refurb 2017


all, plus Seafood Shack

last refurb 2012 (October 14-28), 2017 (Sept 30 - Oct 13)


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, plus Bonsai Sushi, Smokehouse

last refurbs 2012 (September 8-22), 2017 (Jan 30 - Feb 11) - in 2017 were added Bonsai Sushi, Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse


last refurbs 2014 (Oct 10-27), 2017 (Jan 10 - 27)


last refurbs 2014 (Nov - Dec), 2017 (Aug 31 - Sept 27 / Fun Ship 2.0) - in 2017 were added 38 new cabins (2 Grand Vista Suites, 22 Junior Suites, 2 Scenic Oceanview, 12 Interior), balconies were added to 98 outside cabins, Carnival WaterWorks, Guy’s Burger Joint, Cherry On Top, RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Cantina, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, Camp Ocean, redesigned mini-golf course (with bocce court)


last refurbs 2013 (Jan 26 - Feb 8), 2016 (Feb 6–20)


6, 7, 8, 9

last refurbs 2013 (Jan 5-19, added 98 balcony cabins), 2015 (March 14-27), 2018 (Jan 31 - Feb 17)


has 13, plus Seafood Shack

last refurbs 2014 (April-May)


all, plus WaterWorks (aquapark), Seafood Shack

last refurb 2012 (November 2-15), 2017 (Feb 25 - Mar 10) - in 2017 was added WaterWorks aquapark


has 12

last refurbs 2013 (Sept 16-30), 2016 (Sept 4–22, Fun Ship 2.0)


has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12

last refurbs 2013 (Nov 4-18), 2016 (Jan 18 - Feb 5), 2018 (Nov 5-15)


  • has 12, 13
  • last refurbishments 2011, 2014 (Feb 1-15, for Australia cruises), 2018 (May 1-14)
  • The list of the "Australian upgrades" includes new drinks (coffee-beer-wine-menu), no tipping policy, Aussie power (fun) points, the Green Thunder waterslide (the steepest & fastest at sea, ever), a splash zone with a giant tipping bucket & racing slides, Bonsai Sushi bar.


all but 11, plus Seafood Shack

last refurbishments 2011, 2016 (Dec 1-16)


all but 3 & 4, plus Cucina del Capitano, SeaDogs

last refurbishments 2011, 2016 (Feb 21 - Mar 5)


last refurbs 2015 (March 7-21)


last refurbs 2015 (February 26-March 11), 2018 (February 22-March 25)


has 13; plus Bonsai Sushi, WaterWorks

last refurbs 2014 (Oct 19 - Nov 9)


last refurbs 2015 (February 12-25), 2017 (Feb 9 - 22)


last refurb 2017


has 1, 2, 6, 7, 13

last refurb 2016


all, plus (unique) Havana Bar, Ji Ji Kitchen, Bonsai Sushi, Cucina del Capitano, Pizzeria del Capitano, JavaBlue Cafe, Shake Spot, SeaDogs

last refurbs 2013 (Feb 22 - Apr 12), 2016 (May 8 - 20)


all but 8, plus Seafood Shack

last refurbs 2013 (May 11 - June 12), 2016 (Mar 21 - Apr 3)


all, plus Seafood Shack

last refurbs 2011, 2016 (July-August)


all, plus Seafood Shack

last refurbs 2014 (Oct 9 - Nov  5), 2018 (Jan 5-20) - Guy's Burger Joint, RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Cantina, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, Bonsai Sushi Express, Cherry on Top, new cabins (two Captain’s Suites, Oceanview categories Scenic (260 ft2) and Scenic Grand (320 ft2)


all, plus Seafood Shack

Carnival Sunshine dry-dock refurbishment

The most extensively-expensive of all (ever) was the Carnival Destiny's drydock refit/transformation. At the staggering cost of US $155 million, this really extreme makeover produced a brand new Carnival ship in 2013! After its last dry-dock ever (a 49-day refurbishment), the Destiny ship emerged as Carnival Sunshine. This amazing cruise ship transformation was made in the Fincantieri shipyard (Monfalcone, Italy) adding a new partial deck and 2 other decks (in the front section). As a result from the Carnival Destiny renovation, 182 new cabins were added (including 96 spa cabins), all of the ship's other cabins were also refurbished (with a new tropical decor). The list of all major changes includes:

  • a new Asian restaurant (casual dining venue)
  • "The Comfort Kitchen" (in the Lido Marketplace)
  • the "Havana Bar" (Lido Marketplace) with floor to ceiling windows
  • the "Sunshine Bar" (Atrium)
  • a new cigar club
  • the first ever 3-deck-high Carnival Serenity retreat (an adults-only area) with the Carnival Cloud 9 Spa package.
  • the "SportSquare" (an open-air complex with a ropes course, a minigolf course and a half-size basketball-volleyball court.

Carnival Triumph Fun Ship 2.0 refurbished

Carnival Triumph was in drydock in Bahamas (Freeport, Grand Bahama shipyard) from May 11 through June 12. The Triumph dry dock was for final repairs/enhancements, and CCL used the drydock time to implement some of the Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades. The list of upgrades includes: "Guy's Burger Joint", "BlueIguana Cantina", "Alchemy Bar", "EA SPORTS Bar", "RedFrog Rum Bar", "BlueIguana Tequila Bar". By the new $300 mill fleet-wide renovation program (see below) the Triumph ship was also outfitted with new fire detection/suppression systems and with an additional emergency backup generator. At the above link there's a video from CCL about all the new stuff on this magnificent better-than-ever Fun Ship. The total cost of the work on the Triumph ship (repairs and enhancements) US$115 million.

Carnival Fantasy refurbishment

Carnival Fantasy class cruise ships are the line's oldest design, with the ms Destiny ship being the oldest in the CCL fleet. This is one truly great ship - a vessel with a heart. She definitely look fantastic for her age, but there's a little chance Carnival to outfit this class of ships with any major (and especially Fun Ship 2.0) upgrades.

Carnival refurbishment program - technology, upgrades, updates

On April 17, 2013, CCL announced the company will spend more than USD 300 million on ship upgrades and enhancements fleetwide. Safety and electrical fixes were done to ships currently in dry-dock, but in general the work was done while the vessels were fully operational (in service). CCL officials said the improvement plan for the upgrades came after a comprehensive review of Carnival Triumph's fire incident. The main goals of the new (very expensive) renovation program are:

  • Enhancing emergency power capabilities. An additional emergency diesel generator were installed on each ship (back-up power for cabin and public toilets, fresh water, elevators). A 2nd permanent back-up power system were also installed to additionally back up hotel/guest services (cooking facilities, food refrigerators, internet/phone communications).
  • Improving fire prevention/detection/suppression capacities by implementing newest fire safety technologies. Upgrades were made on the existing fire suppression systems (the new system produces larger & thicker cloud of water droplets), some engine-related electrical components were also upgraded.
  • Improving the operating redundancy of each ship's 2 separate engine rooms.
  • Expanding the hotel services availability during incidents involving loss of main power.
  • New technology initiatives - scrubbers (air pollution control devices) were installed on all ships through the end of 2014 at the cost of USD 1-1,5 million per engine. An airbubble technology- and a LNG (liquefied natural gas) pilot tests were launched later in 2013. A new Carnival global training center was completed in Holland with numerous Navigation Bridge and Engine Room simulators.

Carnival Corporation's fleet-wide enhancements started with an operational review of all the 10 Carnival brands ships (a total of 101 vessels). Based on the results of the review, the latest technology versions were implemented on all vessels where they are not present. The overall cost of the enchantments program across the whole fleet (CCL ships included) cost around USD 700 million.

  • According to the official statistics, nearly 4,5 million passengers cruise with CCL each year. Carnival cruise lines market share infographic for 2013 showed 21.2% for CCL and 48.4% for Carnival Corp (all line brands).
  • "I'll continue to sail on them if they're going where I want & the price's right. And if they have a serious problem while I'm onboard I know I'll get a decent compensation or a possible free cruise." Add to this statement the new Carnival vacation protection guarantee (reviewed at the Carnival news link below) - and now you know why Carnival is the best company in this business.
  • Follow this link to our cruise ship engine-propulsion-fuel survey to read interesting facts about these marine ship technology related topics.

In March 2017, Carnival Corporation announced it had completed the installation and certification of EGCS (Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems) on 60 cruise vessels across its brands.

  • Representing an USD 400 million investment plan, the company developed and will deploy its systems on more than 85 ships across the global fleet through 2020.
  • First announced in 2013, the new technology implementations reduce sulfur compounds and particulate matter from the diesel engine's exhaust - at sea, during maneuvering and while docked in port. These systems enable the company to meet all international regulations placing a cap on sulfur content in fuel oil (at 0,1%).
  • As of 2017, Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems ("scrubers") are currently installed and certified on 17 Carnival Cruise Line vessels, 13 Holland America Line vessels, 10 Princess Cruises vessels, 7 Costa Cruises vessels, 5 AIDA Cruises vessels, 4 P&O Cruises UK vessels, all 3 Cunard liners and 1 P&O Cruises AU ship. The installation schedule for the remaining fleet will be forthcoming.
  • Also planned is the adoption of LNG (liquefied natural gas) – world’s cleanest fossil fuel. In 2015, AIDAsol was the world's first cruise ship supplied with power by an LNG Hybrid barge. In 2016, AIDAprima became the world's first cruise ship routinely using LNG with a dual-fuel powered engine while in port. By 2019, with the introduction of the first of all 7 fully LNG-powered ships, Carnival Corporation will be the world's first cruise company to use LNG to power cruise liners while they are in port and also while on open sea cruising.

New Economy Awards 2014 awarded Carnival Corporation with "Best Marine Solution" (category "Clean Tech"). The award recognized the company's long tradition of making environmental technologies a top priority at corporate level and across all brand lines. The winners were announced in January 2015 in Davos Switzerland. The Clean Tech Award honored company's efforts to find solutions that benefit the environment, and specifically for:

  • implementing "Fleet Fuel Conservation Program", which by 2014's end saved over 1 billion gallons of fuel. By this program, global fleet's carbon emissions were reduced by 12 million tons (over 7-year period / 2007-2014).
  • improving global fleet's fuel efficiency by 24% (2014 compared to 2007) and saving USD 2,5 billion in fuel costs.
  • committing to invest over USD 400 million to install ECO Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems fleetwide. These were industry's first exhaust gas cleaning technologies, installed to 70% of the global fleet's vessels.
  • employing various measures that reduced CO2 emissions rate (onboard operations) by 20% (2014 over 2007), and 1 year ahead of corporation's initial plan.

In May 2015, Wartsila Corporation and Carnival Corporation partnered to optimize cruise ship engine room operations of all the 101 ships across corporation's 9 global brands. The deal was signed by Micky Arison (Carnival's Chairman) and Bjorn Rosengren (Wartsila's President and CEO).

  • The plan included installing Wartsila's latest marine solutions, first tested on several Carnival Cruise Line vessels in pilot projects. The new systems and technologies included engine control and monitoring systems, safety and fuel efficiency equipment.
  • Wartsila's "Asset Performance Optimization Solution" package allows obtaining optimal performance from Wartsila marine diesel engines, recommends how to deal with potential issues, maximizes ship performance, ensures full-capacity systems operations, increases predictability of fuel management and maintenance needs. Wartsila's fuel engine package was specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Wartsila Marine technologies aim to optimize ship performance, but also allow to locate deviations from normal parameters of equipment and engines. This allows emerging problems and engine fault sources to be fixed before they occur.