Carnival Cruise Shareholder Benefits

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Learn here about Carnival shareholder benefits, CCL stock price, Carnival cruise stock symbol, dividend and other "fun facts" and statistical cruise market data. This is our review on the CCL shares with information about the Carnival Cruise Lines stockholder benefit (onboard credit discounts), perks and what is the dividend for owning Carnival shares - and a (probably small) piece of the so big Carnival Fun Ships fleet - and of the mighty Carnival Corporation.

Carnival shares

Owning Carnival PLC shares is a great investment opportunity, simply because buying Carnival shares is a great package deal. With the Carnival stock it means you buy a piece of the world's largest cruise company ever. It also means you'll own a piece of the world's largest cruise liner operator with a combined fleet of 100+ most famous passenger ships, with 8 new ships scheduled for delivery between 2014 fall and 2017 spring.

carnival cruise stock price history

Carnival Corp owns 11 brands (separate lines) - all of which fully owned subsidiaries and some of the biggest cruise line companies in the world.

Traded on both the London and New York Stock Exchanges, Carnival Corporation&plc is the one and only group in the world included in both the FTSE 100 ("footsie" share index of the top 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange) and the S&P (Standard & Poor's) 500 indices. CCL current liquidity ratio (as of Sep 15, 2014) is 0,29. Return on Invested Capital - 3,38.

Is the current CCL stocks price right? When asking this question, you should know that most people make investments in stocks (CCL included) with the idea of reselling them at better prices - or simply to make a profit.The ever cheapest Carnival stocks prices of the Concordia cruise ship crush times are irrelevant to make a comparison with - this was an accident, and very unique opportunity to buy CCL shares for absolutely cheap (see below for details). Besides, Carnival is a mega huge business. I totally recommend buying some share of this business - in our "modern civilization" crazy times money are just paper anyway!

CCL Carnival cruise stock price and dividend

The Carnival Corporation stock price is relatively low in comparison to the share prices of other corporate owners of some of the best brands in the cruise ship travel industry. In the table that follows you can compare the Carnival Cruises share price with the cost of Royal Caribbean and Disney shares plus their highest/lowest quotes today and in one year period. It's most curious to compare the related to the share price Carnival dividends per share!

carnival cruise stock symbol

Company Name (stock symbol) 2012 trades High Low 52 week high 52 week low Dividend per share (payout ratio)
Carnival Corporation (CCL) 31,47 31,55 31,02 41,95 28,52 25%
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL) 26,03 NA NA 42,30 18,70 11%
Walt Disney (DIS) 42,01 NA NA 44,50 28,19 23%

Note: The above prices of Carnival shares are indicative and related to the day this survey was made (23 April 2012). As of June 20, 2013, the Carnival Cruise Lines stock price is $33,82 - NYSE-CCL, and on Sep 15, 2014 - already $39.41!

For real-time values (updated online with 15-20 min delay), charts, trades and quotes you can check some of the following sources - Market Watch, Finance Yahoo, London Stock Exchange (LSE) , New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). A very popular in the US online stock broker is Fidelity Investments (trading with very low commissions and fees).

In 2018, for the quarterly dividend Carnival Corporation's board approved the date May 25, 2018 (payment date June 15).

  • Additionally was approved the reauthorization of USD 1 billion in stock repurchases to cover both the corporation's common stock and Carnival Plc's ordinary shares (entitling their holder to dividends).
  • Carnival Corporation also announced an increase of 11% in its quarterly dividend - from USD 0,45 to 0,50 per share.
  • Corporation's CFO (chief financial officer) commented "With USD 6 billion of cash from operations expected in 2018, we remain committed to distributing cash to shareholders as evidenced by another 11 percent increase in our dividend, combined with another USD 1 billion share repurchase authorization, reflecting continued confidence in our outlook. In just three years, we have doubled our quarterly dividend and invested USD 3,5 billion in Carnival stock".

Carnival shareholder benefits - onboard credit for stock owners

What are the CCL/Carnival cruise share benefits, or what are the perks if you are a Carnival shareholder? To apply for any of the share benefits you must be in possession of at least 100 Carnival shares. "Beneficiaries" excluded from the list of Carnival share owners benefiting from their partial ownership in the company are all the employees, travel agents, tour conductors and anyone sailing with Carnival on a reduced-rate.

carnival cruise stock owners benefits

Stockholder onboard credit apply documents

Know that Carnival asks all stockholders onboard credit requests to be sent at least 2 weeks prior to sailing. The other thing you should know is that the share benefits are not transferable or combinable with any other on-board offers. And to prove you own CCL shares in the right number, when you make your deposit to the travel agency/agent, you must provide a photocopy of either your shareholder proxycard or of the shares certificate. The list of needed documents includes:

  • copy of the brokerage statement
  • copy of first page of the booking summary
  • letter requesting the OBC
  • Within 2 weeks you get e-mail that the onboard credit has been applied to your S&S card (Sail & Sign account)

carnival shareholder benefit onboard credit

(optional) Just in case, send these documents to your travel agent (or Carnival) via fax or email:

  • your name and reservation number
  • the ship's name and departure date
  • proof of CCL shares ownership (photocopy of stockholder proxycard, shares certificate, dividend tax voucher or current brokerage/nominee statement - be sure to black out your brokerage account number!!!).

How much is the Carnival shareholder onboard credit?

The following table shows the amount of Carnival share board credit benefits in a currency depending on the brand location and the length of the itinerary. Remember, there's only one onboard credit per shareholder-occupied cabin.

Itinerary length North America (USD) Europe (EUR) UK (GBP) Australia NZ (AUD)
6-days or less 50 40 30 50
7-13 days 100 75 60 100
14-days or longer 250 200 150 250
  • The "Carnival stock cruise credit" (the shareholders perk) is a deal that is being extended each year - from July this year through July next year. For Carnival Corporation to extend the shareholder onboard credit benefit is a standard practice. It must be re-approved each year at the CCL stockholders meeting held in April.  Generally, it happens automatically, and it's never being a problem.
  • In 2015, the stockholder credit per cabin for UK bookings (UK-based Carnival lines, like Cunard, P&O, Princess) was increased - see in the table above.

Carnival cruise stock symbol, fiscal year, reports, taxes, contact information

  • Symbol? The Carnival Corporation stock symbol is "CCL". Carnival Cruise Lines stock symbol is "CCL"  (LSE) and as an ADS "CUK" (NYSE).
  • Where? Carnival Corp's common stock is traded on the NYSE, and CCL's shares of common stock are traded on the LSE and as ADS’s on the NYSE.
  • Fiscal year? It ends on November 30th. Quarter 1 is December through February.Quarter 2 is March through May. Quarter 3 is June through August. Quarter 4 is September through November.
  • Reports? Shareholders can get a copy of the Carnival/s Annual and Quarterly Reports. You can request for this info by calling Carnival Corp & plc at the flowing phone-numbers: US (305-406-5539), UK (023 80 65 66 53).
  • Dividends? Shareholders can take their dividend in shares by participating in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). For more info - go to the Carnival Corp website (the link above).
  • Ratio? 1 CCL ADS is equal to 1 CCL ordinary share of common stock.
  • Carnival Corp went public on July 31, 1987 (at $3,875).
  • Dividend? Carnival shareholders of common stock and CCL ADS receive their dividends in USD. CCL Plc stockholders receive their dividends in British pounds. Dividends may be converted at the exchange rate quoted by the Bank of England in London at 12 PM on the next business day following the quarter.
  • Taxes? For US shareholders, as a result of the 2013 tax law changes their ordinary income CCL share dividend may be taxed at a lower rate of 15% (5% for stockholders in the 15% or lower bracket) rather than the higher tax rates applicable to their ordinary income. CCL share dividends are defined as distributions from a qualified foreign corporation. To treat CCL stock dividends, you as a shareholder must own CCL common stock for more than sixty days during the 121-day period beginning sixty days before the latest purchase date for collecting a CCL dividend.

CCL stocks related issues (contact information)

  • The JPMorgan Bank is the CCL ADSs Depositary Bank. Address: "JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. / P.O. Box 64504 / St Paul, MN 55164-0504 / email ( / for general questions call (800) 990-1135 [from outside USA call (651) 453-2128].
  • To contact the Investor Relations department call US [(305) 599-2600], UK [023 80 65 66 53].
  • Changes in registration or address, and for lost certificates (if you are registered CCL stockholder) contact "Computershare Investor Services" [phone number 800-568-3476].

For any changes in personal details:

  • Carnival plc ADS holders should contact JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA - phone number (800) 990-1135, from outside USA call (651) 453-2128].
  • CCL stockholders of Carnival plc ordinary shares should contact Equiniti Limited - phone number  from UK 0871 384 2665, from outside UK call +44-121-415-7107 (at 8p per minute).

Carnival cruise market share and the worldwide market statistics

Carnival market share

Carnival cruise market share infographic

When asking about the current Carnival cruise market share (by the way, it's 48,4% in total according to the official 2012 report) keep in mind that Carnival is the largest cruise ship company not simply because of the sheer number of its vessels, but because of their huge passenger capacity combined. The infographic here shows percentages of the North America cruise business as brand shares, where CCL also is the leader with 52,9%.

Owned by Carnival Corp and plc are the following brands [enclosed in square brackets is the brand's world-wide market share, 2012 data]: in North America (Carnival [21,2%], Princess [6,1%], Holland America [3,3%] and Seabourn [0,3%]), in UK (P&O [1,7%] and Cunard [0,7%]), in Europe (AIDA [4,6%], Costa [7,7%], Iberocruceros [1,1%]) and P&O Australia [1,6%].

All of this results in the following 2013 statistics (values in billions of US dollars): revenue $15,8, operating income $2,230, net income $1,9, over 75,000 crew, the Carnival company's total assets are $38,640 billion.

Follows a list of the rest of the largest cruise lines and their Worldwide Market Share data:

  • RCCL brands [total 23,33%], starting with Royal Caribbean International - RCI [16,4%], Celebrity [4,4%], Azamara [0,2%], Pullmantur [1,9%], CDF [0,4%].
  • The market share for all the rest is [total 28,3%] and the list of major cruise companies includes the names of NCL [7,6%], MSC [7%], Disney [2,5%], Thomson [1,4%], Star Cruises [1,4%], Hurtigruten [1,3%], Louis [0,9%], TUI [0,8%], Oceania [0,5%], Phoenix Reisen [0,5%], Fred Olsen [0,4%], Classic International [0,4%], Saga [0,4%], Silversea [0,4%], Crystal [0,3%], Regent [0,3%].
  • The 2013 cruise industry's total revenue is estimated at US$36,2 billion (this is a 4,5% increase over 2012) and the total number of passengers to be carried in 2013 (forecast) at 20,9 mill (which is a 3,3% increase over 2012).

Worldwide cruise market share

The world's top two largest companies are again Carnival Corporation (CCL) and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL). Together, they account for 71,7% of the worldwide cruise market share of revenue.

ccl carnival share price and the worldwide cruise market share statistics data

  • The estimated passengers and crew combined spending in all cruise ship ports USD 17,5 billion.
  • Total worldwide cruise passengers capacity at the 2013's end was 438,595 pax (which is a 3% increase over 2012, with 283 operational cruise ships.
  • The projected avrg profit per passenger per day US$201, of which US$152,4 cruise ticket price and $48,5 onboard spending. This data is based on avrg trip duration 8,5 days (median duration 7 cruise days).
  • 6 new cruise ships were added in 2013 increasing the total passenger capacity with 14,074 pax. By the end of 2015, another 13 new liners added exactly 39,297 lower births (passenger capacity increase of 8,9%). This generated another USD 3,2 billion annual revenue for the industry.

Should I buy Carnival cruise stock now?

carnival shares

Carnival cruise lines shareholders are participants in one of the best businesses in the most prospering big ship vacation travel industry. It's surely fun to travel with Carnival, and it's a fun big time to own a piece of the very boat you're traveling on! I wish you guys the best of luck in finding your best Carnival deals as prices, destinations and fun experiences on board!

The analysis of the CCL share price history says now is an OK time. Because of all recent cruise ship accidents, to by CCL stock these days is a great deal.You just have to look at the CCL share price one year history and you'll be convinced that it isn't a bad idea at all. Even with its fluctuations, the Carnival stock price today is significantly lower than the pre-Triumph fire accident. And just imagine what a rare opportunity was to buy these stocks for absolutely cheap in the time of Costa Concordia accident in Italy. On January 16, 2012, CCL share prices fell sharply (21%), wiping nearly £1 billion (US$1,65 bill) from the Carnival's market share/value.

The Carnival stock analysis shows that at, say, US$34 per share you'll buy the 100 Carnival shares for US$3400, plus the broker's fee. An online stockbroker can be found for $7 a trade. On a 7 day Carnival cruise you'll get a US$100 in onboard credit. For the last couple of years, the CCL share dividend rate (for your 100 shares) is US $100 a year, or US$25 per quarter. This means US$200 interest on your $3400 - one pretty good and safe investment in a huge company. Integrated with Carnival news.

For general info you can go to our Carnival cruise information hub.