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Review the genuine free Carnival cruise offer in mail (postcard), the free cruise promotion and all about the "care free" Carnival cruise scams. Integrated with Carnival cruise information, tips and tricks.

Where and how to get a free Carnival cruise offer - the real deal

  • Sail 100 times with CCL and they'll give you a most complimentary (up to 8 days) cruise to Alaska, Mexican Riviera or Caribbean. This absolutely legitimate offer is one of the Carnival VIFP Club Past Guest benefits according to the line's new (implemented June 2012) "Very Important Fun Person" loyalty program.
  • Play Bingo on Carnival cruise and you may win a free cruise (usually with a short itinerary, 3-4 days in length). Additional to the Bingo chances, you can get a complimentary cruise as one of the possible Carnival Casino Players Club comps - not free deals per se, but almost! This is a limited time exclusive promotion (based on availability) - on eligible sailings your stateroom is for absolutely FREE! In this happy case you book a cabin and you pay only the taxes. People have received such mails, it's not a scam, you just gotta be a gambler - and a very lucky one. Carnival sends you via email a list of ships available for booking, their departure ports and cruise length to choose from. This offer is also by the VIFP loyalty program - you have to be a VIFP Club member to be eligible. I guess they are right by saying that you gotta spend money to make money, huh!
  • Some timeshare offers are real deals. You'll have to sit and listen about the timeshare for several hours, then you get a 3-day free cruise voucher. Your cabin will be most likely an Interior (with the cheapest location) and the departure date will be in off-season. A different cabin category and sailing date will cost you extra, just like the Gov taxes and port fees.
  • a future free cruise as passenger compensation for an incident/accident
  • Sometime, CCL announce online games and contests either on their website or on the Carnival's Facebook page. Like the "Grab Your Destiny" contest and its complimentary European cruise offer for the new Sunshine ship. These are all special offers as promotions, and you can definitely win a best-fun Carnival sailing - for absolutely free, Carnival guaranteed.
  • Travel agencies big-news promotions. Some passengers report very good experiences by enjoying a complimentary Carnival cruise with even included hotel stays and a rental car in the deal.
  • And, finally, you can apply and get a job with CCL - then you can sail for free for nine months!


Totally free Carnival cruise scams

Most of the free cruise scams usually require you to make a phone call for details. If you call within the next 2 days they may offer you a free airfare. My advise is - go Google it, see what are the other people's experiences with similar offers, then if you feel so - make your call and seal the deal. However, according to the majority of online reviews on the subject, most of the postcard offers turned out to be scams. And "most" definitely means "not all"! Some do receive their "complimentary", but most of them report that even getting that worked out is a huge hassle. And that they didn't get the best of staterooms on board. And that the whole thing was not fun at all.

Free Carnival Cruise - CruiseMaper

So in a wrap, the postcard offer - it's not worth the effort. Your time is so much more valuable, along with your dignity, common sense, and your money. So toss it in the trash. Some folks are even amusing themselves by shredding this type of mail content - some even before opening the letter, outside, in front of the house, on the stairs, with a shredder, and an extension cord. And here's why.

The Free Carnival cruise phone call

From a May 2013 post at Funville: You will recieve a phone call from a number (like 800-227-6482, for example) and a recorded voice will say, "This is Carnival calling to verify your credit card number for you S&S card for your upcoming cruise on the X ship". Well, this is not from Carnival, the caller is not affiliated with CCL in any way whatsoever - this is totally a scam. CCL would never call and ask you for that kind of information (credit card number) for your S&S account. If you get such "happy call" - just hang up. And this is just to remind you NEVER to give your creditcard number over the phone. Of course, unless YOU initiated the phone call. And I also would suggest a report to the police department too. Elderly people especially are susceptible to these scams.

About the "so genuinely free" Carnival cruise scams - the "Complimentary 8 Day Cruise" postcard

The Carnival Complimentary 8 Day Cruise postcard has its 2 different labels - this is our review of the one that's a "shamelessly free". Did you just received your most special "Carnival Complimentary 8 Day Cruise" postcard? Is it a free cruise offer for an Ocean-view stateroom and the optional bonus - free airline tickets and a most convenient departure from any major port in US? Is it a free cruise for 2? Is it a real deal - is the free Carnival cruise a scam?

It uses "complimentary" instead of "free".Your complimentary 8 day cruise Carnival postcard has some weird elements well worth of noticing:

  1. What's all that supposed to mean? New time - new ideas and opportunities. Less and less people are buying the "free deal" idea - so the catch-word must be a more sophisticated one, like the "complimentary" approach. Less and less people are willing to sit for hours and hours and days through some sales pitch event to listen all kinds of stuff they really don't want to, so the deal gotta be free of that content too - and it's a "timeshare-free" deal. "Not sponsored by Carnival" means the offer isn't related to the Carnival Line. Well, what do you think about it? The free Carnival cruise postcard requires you to call for details on a tall-free number (if you want the bonus - within the next 48 hours). When you do the call and a guy over there starts talking about the need for a credit card number - well, what do you really think this is?On its back it says "This is not a timeshare or land sale offer".
  2. It also says "This promotion is not sponsored by or affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines", along with "Recipient is responsible for any applicable deposits, port charges, taxes and/or fees". The last one often goes around $250 (to be prepaid), but it still seems like a good 8-day Carnival cruise deal.
  3. And finally, there's nothing anywhere on the "Carnival" free postcard suggesting the name of the promo company - this leads to the impression that this deal is directly from Carnival. And what about the very reason for this promotion - the "grand opening"? An opening of what? It well may be a burger stand, right?

What is more confusing is that the Carnival Cruise Line's logo is so prominently displayed on the front of your really good looking complimentary 8 day cruise postcard. It surely lends a bit of credibility to the deal, and it makes you wonder why the line lets them get away with it. Because it's a fact that many many many people do actually report bad experiences after responding these post-cards. And they blame Carnival for it.

The "timeshare-free" Carnival cruise postcard

This is our review of the "real-deal postcard" for a free Carnival cruise (with free airfare) if you attend a sales pitch for, lets say, a discounted travel club membership. It'll offer you the benefit of receiving the best discounted rates on all your vacations in the future - and you still have to call the number to find out more. Then eventually you go to a presentation in some hotel or whatever, it will all look so professional, so legit, the spoke person will be probably older, very personable and so nice, you pay the company up front a good amount of money (often in thousands of dollars), then you got the big nothing for your money in the months that follow. And this is how you learn your lesson - the hard American way. They'll pocket your money without providing the promised travel arrangements and all the advertised bonuses, they'll use the CCL's logo without authorization, along with the logos of airlines, hotels and whatever is necessary to scam you out of money.

Unfortunately, there are many fake companies out there taking a lot from a lot of people by luring them into paying big money for a free cruise vacation - that won't happen. Also, be most suspicious of free offers where the fine print says it's not a timeshare - this is 99% one most free cruise scam. It'll be a rip-off - no matter the company, no matter the promotion. Nevertheless, some deals might be genuine (just like wave season cruise deals).

Virtual Carnival Cruises On Land

In February 2016 was announced a partnership between AT&T Wireless, Carnival Corporation and Samsung offers visitors to 133 AT&T Wireless stores in 37 US states the chance to take a virtual cruise and to win the real thing - a Carnival cruise for free.

Using the innovative Samsung Gear VR virtual reality simulator, guests can experience what it is like to sail the high seas. Patrons can also enter to win one of ten 7-night sailings with one of Carnival Corporation's brands, including Carnival Cruise LinePrincess Cruises and Holland America Line.  Those who buy select Samsung devices will receive onboard credit of up to US$100 to spend on select sailings of the corporation taken within 2017. The event runs through March 11, 2016.

Unless it's not a free Carnival cruise promotion (officially announced by the line) think of any of these "free offers" as a "free dinner from a stranger". And we all know there's no such thing as free dinner, and especially without the kiss before the real f... fun. You'll have to learn an expensive lesson how to respect your money and the labor that provides it. You have chosen the world's cheapest cruise line ever - go pay your cheap Carnival vacation like a hard working American guy, be in control of your time, enjoy your preferences and enjoy all the fun on board one of the best cruise ships in the world!

With or without the free cruise promotions, you guys have fun with your money and enjoy all activities, amenities, food and drinks, and the rest of what is free on Carnival cruises (this time for real)! "Carnival" and "Fun" are synonyms, just like the rest in the group - "vacation", "holiday", "party". Enjoy your Carnival deals by being fun on board, sailing your well deserved and fairly bought cruise vacation - the one you've honestly paid for.