Ritz-Carlton Azora deck 4 plan (Lobby-Dining)

Deck layout and review

Review of Ritz-Carlton Azora deck 4 (Lobby-Dining)

  • Meeting Rooms / Conference Center
  • The Living Room is the ship entrance area served by The Living Room Cafe (combined Cafeteria / Library).
  • The Boutique is ship's shopp selling premium brand sportswear, fashion apparel and accessories, jewelry, leather goods. In select cruise ports, passengers' shopping experience is enhanced by collaborations with local artisans boarding the yacht to showcase special offerings.
  • Main Dining Experience is ship's main Restaurant (capacity 140 seats), designed with plenty of cozy nooks, to look like 10 small dining venues.
  • Dining Privee (Chef's Table / VIP dining room for private rental)
  • Cruise cabins from 505 to 519, all of which are Loft Suites.