Great ship and good crew

by warspite88
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Celebrity Summit Celebrity Summit
7 days, round-trip Southern Caribbean Cruise
Departure date: 29 Feb 2020
Spa & Fitness
Staff and Crew
Shore Excursions / Tours
Value for Money

Just did a 7 day cruise to south Caribbean. The ship has a strange layout, there are some areas on deck that just lead to dead ends in odd places. Once you figure that out its simple enough to navigate around ship. Big plus is the 3 banks of elevators forward aft and midships. So wait times for an elevator are usually low. The buffet area is very big, expansive. There is all kinds of variety of foods and i would say it is average in quality for the buffet. Dining room was very nice and some of the food was 5 star. However there were some meals that were average to not so good. The good news is that if you didnt like your free dining room meal, just order another. Order two or three desserts too. Staff was amazing! There are also 3 specialty dining areas that were very nice looking. The movie screen after of the ship was glitchy but it was nice you could watch a movie most times of the day or night. Theater was nice and the shows were average to good compared with other venues. They are free so the value was great. There was one entertainer on this ship from malta who was like a super model with the voice of a pop star. She will go far! It was just fun to watch her and hear her sing. Many of the male attendants and buffet staff looked in bad moods they like never smiled. The women were better, at least they smiled when they looked at you. I dont think crew realize that around passengers their level of enthusiasm or facial expressions go a long way towards how passengers feel too. Just the way it is. There were plenty of male crew who were super nice, super good and at least made an attempt to smile or look like they enjoyed seeing us paying customers. The Casino was decent, good crew and staff there. This ship had many shops but not one shop for basic items. Why dont these cruise ships have at least one of their ships dedicated to be like the 7-11 or dollar store for at least sea days. sometimes i need to get sunscrean or pepto bismol or just want a snack. It would be nice to have. excursions were hit or miss. St Maarten is AMAZING im going there again. Barbados had an amazing submaine excursion i HIGHLY recommend it. almost an hour under water. 150feet deep seeing ship wrecks and sea life it was fascinating. comfortable too. The full ship tour is overpriced 90$ compared to Royal charges $50 for ship tours of the same amount of time. No full ship running track and the one they had was not that great either because of lots of traffic. As big as this ship is and how much top deck space it has, it just seems like a poor layout in some cases. Silent Disco and so many other events on this ship were so much fun! The rooms are decent, clean and the bathrooms superb. Many balcony rooms also some better than others based on the views etc. Anyways it was a fun trip i recommend it as long as you can get a deal on prices.

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