1. What is this website for?

CruiseMapper.com is your first port-of-call to find up-to-date cruise ship schedules, itineraries, ports-of-departure and cruise destinations for all the major cruise lines in the world. Over 200 cruise reviews, ship ratings and real-time ship positions. Find the desired destination you have dreamed about. Easily navigate through the site and save your time and money. Itinerary details available for all cruise ships and departure ports. Our mission is to provide users with information for choosing their perfect cruise holiday. Cruise Mapper is the ultimate guide for the cruise experience. Explore the world.

2. Easily choose cruise destination and cruise ship

Where Will The Next Journey Take You? Learn about your cruise ship before traveling. Start planning your cruise vacation through our advanced search by: Departure port, Departing from, Cruise line, Cruise ship, Sailing on, Cruise length.

3. Cruise lines

Cruise Lines – List of the major cruise lines worldwide, including its fleets' cruise liners.

4. Cruise ships

More than 200 cruise ships with comprehensive details for each of them, such as: imo number, builder, year built, passengers capacity etc.

5. Port of call and port of departure

Find quickly your nearby port of departure that suites best your interests. Choose the country where you live and find the nearest port of departure for your planned travel. Advanced search filter by: Country, Departure port, Cruise line, Cruise ship, Sailing date and duration of the cruise. See which is the next port-of-call of the cruise ships.

6. Cruise itineraries

Choosing an itinerary can be very frustrating with growing number of ports and the constant competition of the cruise lines. On Cruise Mapper you can easily compare different itineraries on different cruise lines. There is an information for each ship's itinerary and a full list of cruise ship destinations.

7. Search by cruise ship name.

The fastest way to find a cruise ship is to type its name in the search field on the homepage.

8. Cruise calendar – 2012, 2013, 2014

This feature will definitely help you to decide when to cruise. Cruise calendar for 2 years in advance. Choose the exact, date press search and see the ship schedule. Cruise calendar for 2 years in advance where you can search by months or check the whole cruise ship schedule for 2012,2013 and 2014.

9. Current cruise ship position / location

The most useful feature on the whole website. You can easy check what is your current position and the cruise ship track for the past hours.

10. CruiseMapper.com in action