Cruise Passenger Robbed in Belize

By ,   September 29, 2016 ,   Accidents

On September 13, 2016 a cruise passenger on Carnival Magic has been robbed at gunpoint at port of Belize. posted the following information from the traveler:

"We were at the port next to the belize sign taking pictures. A vendor selling wood and jewelry was trying to sell us some of his handmade work when a male on a bicycle threw down his bike and pointed a gun at me. He then put it under his shirt when my friend turned around. My friend thought it was a joke and wasn't cooperating that's when the man pulled the gun back out racked it and pointed it at us. He told us to empty our pockets. My friend gave him 15$ all he had left and I gave him 25$ he then saw my phone and told me to give it to him. I delayed giving to him as I was thinking about my options. After a few moments I decided it wasn't worth it and gave it to him. He then started yelling at my friend to give him his wallet which he did not have. The man then asked where it was my friend replied in my room. Finally the male said don't make this a big deal and got back on his bike and rolled away. I preceded to run to the first police officer I could find and let them know what happened. The police had several officer driving around in cars and motorcycles trying to find the assailant. They told us it was the 1st time in 2 years this happened in or by the port. They could not locate him and took us to the police station where we gave statements and made reports. 2 hrs later they took us back to the port where we went back on the ship and made report to carnival. They said it never happens. Made report to guest services then wrote statement to security and told me to call corporate office when I get off ship. Called the office they did not seem to care much and I told them why do they go to unsafe ports their reply was this never happens. To future cruisers I would suggest to not get off on this port."

After the cruise, Carnival Cruise Line has contacted the passenger, stating that it was going to increase awareness with cruise guests and police and security at the port.

Last March, cruise passengers were robbed at gunpoint during an excursion at Altun Ha Maya ruins, Belize. Earlier in March, a couple from a cruise ship reported they were victims of attempted armed robbery close to the Museum of Belize.

The Minister of Tourism of Belize earlier this year said that violent crime had been decreasing in the country and added that more than one million people visited Belize in 2015 and crime against tourists was "rare."

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