Cruise Packing Tips

By ,   November 23, 2015 ,   Tips & Tricks

Cruise packing tips are probably the most important of all "cruise help" ideas online. Here we offer you first time cruise packing tips - for beginners. These are all good tips for going on a cruise vacation - they will save you time and a lot of unpleasant surprises. Enjoy it!

Generally speaking, cruise travel deals offer affordable to cheapest prices on both long and short itineraries, numerous ships with convenient departures from major ports, great staterooms/cabins (including adjoining.connecting rooms), amazing dining and entertainment options and super fun activities. However, the sea voyage often is a combined "air land and sea" travel adventure, therefore LIGHT PACKING is another essential issue for your best  ship vacation experiences. After all, it's a ship vacation, not an appointment for a fashion show, nor a survivor challenge.

first cruise packing tips - what to pack and NOT to pack for a cruise travel

  • cruise packing tips for a cruise ship travel vacationPrepare and follow a list of what you are going to take along your trip.
  • Check if the airfare is included in the cruise price. Cruise lines usually offer both with the savings being passed on.
  • When arriving at the embarkation port by air, check the airline restrictions (luggage size and weight policies).
  • Buy a durable hard-side suitcase, with built-in locks; a backpack for the shore excursions. Label each piece of luggage with name and phone number.
  • Use money belt for items of crucial importance, which are: documents (passport, Green Card, visas, cruise documents, boarding pass, e-tickets, air tickets, coupons/discounts, driver's license, hotel reservations), money/ATM cards, valuables, all the keys, hotel/port directions, emergency phone numbers, itinenary(ies), luggage tags.
  • Pack heavy items (shoes, toiletries, chargers, etc.) at the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Don't pack beach towels (they are provided on board the cruise ship as well as when going ashore).
  • Don't bring bottled water (the tap water on board the cruise ships is drinkable).
  • You could use the cruise ship's laundry service, thus reducing the size of your luggage.
  • Have a supply of one-, five- or ten-dollar bills for tipping.
  • Don't pack photo films or memory cards in checked luggage due to the airport screening procedure - put them in the carry-on.
  • Before leaving home, turn off the telephone ringers and set up the answer-machine. Or simply turn off the phone.
  • Request an "Authorization To Hold Mail" card from the post office (you can retrieve your mail after your cruise vacation).
  • An anti-thieves advise: don't bring expensive jewelry on your ship cruise vacation, especially on the shore excursions.
  • Store your valuables in the ship purser's safe rather than in the cabin safe.
  • Bring a duck tape roll (for emergency luggage repairs, marking your luggage at the terminals, etc.).
  • Take the binoculars with you when touring museums, cathedrals and other historical buildings for better examination of their details and elements.
  • Liquor must be placed in the checked bag.
  • Sunglasses with full UV protection, sanitizing wipes with active ingredients beyond just alcohol, skin protection lotions (sun is also reflected off the water - on boat trips and shore excursions, at beaches; use sunblocks with high UV and AB protection ratings).
  • Bring In our opinion, some of the absolutely "must takes" are the "Thank You Cards". If you're satisfied with your steward/waiter's service, you can give them a card (usually with an added tip) to let them know that you appreciated what they have done for you to feel more special while onboard.

cruise ship packing tips on clothing

  • Examine the dress code policy of your cruise line. Some cruise itineraries are more casual (Caribbean, for example), some are more or less formal and strict (like Europe).
  • The ship vacation is just like any resort-based vacation, so pack casual, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying clothes (lightweight microfiber, preferably dark colored), swimsuits and workout outfits (for pools, saunas, health clubs, etc.)
  • According to the kind of shore excursions you may take, pack appropriate accessories (backpack, hiking boots, rain gear, fleece jackets, snorkel gear, etc.)
  • Plastic zip-lock bags for dirty/ wet clothes, an empty soft bag for souvenirs.
  • Basic clothing: sandals, sleepwear, shirts/T-shirts, shorts, socks, sneakers, sweatshirt, sweater, safety pins.
  • If you're very concerned about gaining weight on your cruise vacation, pack some special workout clothes for exercises while on the ship.

cruise electronics for a cruise vacation

  • portable computer (reading materials, maps, guides, media, etc.). Most cruise ships now feature Wi-Fi connections.
  • cell phone/ charger (it can be used as alarm-clock, media player, radio - bring headphones)
  • cameras/ camcorder (memory card(s), spare batteries/ charger)
  • small flashlight, binoculars
  • power strip (an extension cord) for low-wattage items to cover all the places in the cabin (on most ships the smaller cabins have only 1 power outlet in the cabin and 1 in the lavatory)
  • bringing a plug-in surge arrester is also advisable concerning personal electronics.

packing medications for a cruise travel

  • Neo/Aspirin, pain relievers, band-aids, motion sickness & diarrhea remedies, anti-itch cream, anti-nausea meds, insect repellent, rash guards.
  • cough/eye drops, ear plugs.

Considering the issue of packing for a cruise vacation, don't forget the "accretion effect" of all trips: it's always more weight on the way back home. Well, may be not more body weight (though the marvelous cuisine on the ship would be a serious factor toward this one), but surely there will be more baggage weight in terms of duty-free shopping, souvenirs, new clothes, etc. Follows a list of integrated articles and future projects"