Princess Cruises Alcohol Policy, Drink Prices, Packages

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Princess Cruises alcohol policy - what are the rules on bringing your own liquor on board Princess cruise ships? Princess cruise lines alcohol policy is slightly different than alcohol rules of other major cruise companies (bringing champagne/wine on board is allowed, corkage fee applied if consumed in dining rooms).

This review on Princess alcohol policy is from the “cruise lines alcohol policies” category in our “Alcohol Drinks Packages Menus” section. List of Princess cruise ships names: Caribbean, Coral, Crown, Dawn, Diamond, Emerald, Golden, Grand, Island, Ocean, Pacific, Regal, Royal, Ruby, Sapphire, Sea, Star, Sun (all with the "Princess" suffix).

Princess Cruises Alcohol Policy, rules on bringing liquor on board Princess lines ships

Princess Cruises Alcohol Policy

What are Princess Cruises alcohol age restrictions and the permissible age to access the casino and disco?

Drinking age, bringing liquor/wine on Princess cruises

  • What is legal on Princess is a 21 years drinking age which is always observed and proof of age is often required. Princess onboard staff are advised to take seriously the responsibility for underaged passengers and not serving alcohol to them. Age alcohol restrictions are posted in the bars.
  • Disco entries are limited to 18 years and older passengers. Don't forget to check with kids' and teens' centers for special children's disco events. Kids under 18 years old are welcome in the spa, Jacuzzi, and gymnasium, and when accompanied by a guardian or a parent are also welcome in the entertainment show lounges in the evenings.
  • Princess ships casino is reserved for 21 years and older guests - only they will be allowed to consume alcohol there. For guests of questionable age, picture identification is usually requested.

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Princess Cruises beverage policy rules and allowance

Bringing liquor at embarkation on board all Princess cruise ships is not allowed. All liquor will be confiscated. It will be returned later, at the end of voyage. Bringing champagne or wine onboard is dependent on two-part rule:

  • a guest of drinking age is allowed to bring one single bottle of champagne or wine per voyage, no larger than 750 ml, which won't be subject to any fees if consumed in staterooms.
  • $15 corkage fee is applied when brought to the restaurants.
  • Bringing additional champagne or wine bottles onboard is allowed, but then each bottle will bear corkage fee of $15, no matter where they're going to be consumed.

Champagne and wine can be brought onboard Princess cruise ships for consumption during visits of call ports, but liquor is always held until disembarkation. Passengers agree (as it's provided in Passage Contract) not to bring any alcohol on board Princess ships for consumption, except a bottle of champagne or wine per each adult (who is of drinking age, of course). Beer, spirits or liquor are not permitted.

Don't forget that your luggage will be scanned - alcohol beverages outside of Princess alcohol policy will be discarded. Princess line isn't responsible for discarded alcoholic beverages by security staff shoreside.

Purchasing liquor from Princess ships’ duty-free shops and ashore (in ports of call)

Liquor that is purchased in port and in Princess cruise ships' duty-free shops is retained until the end of voyage. All alcoholic beverages purchased at call ports or duty free from Princess ships' gift shops, are collected for safekeeping, afterwards delivered to the passengers' staterooms on cruise's last day.

Passengers have to report bringing wine and liquor aboard during port visits and embarkation. The staff will assist passengers with storage of shoreside alcohol purchases, and Princess boutiques staff - with shipboard alcohol purchases. Such items aren't eligible for replacement or monetary refund.

Passengers may take complimentary cocktails at Champagne Waterfall, Captain's Welcome, Circle and Farewell Parties, and at art auctions.

Princess Cruises beer list

  • Draught: Stella Artois
  • Bottled: Bass, Beck's, Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Dos Equis, Foster's, Franziskaner & Spaten, Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft and Lite.

Specialty bars on Princess ships

"Princess Vines" Wine Bar provides selections of more than thirty wines by glass. "Crooner" Martini Bar provides selections of more than seventy premium Martinis.

Princess Cruises drinks included in prices

Princess Cruises apply extra charge on carbonated beverages, like all other lines, but complimentary champagne and cocktails are available at Art Auctions, Champagne Waterfall, Captain's Welcome, Captain's Circle and Captain's Farewell Party. Surely, at dinner time the staff will offer you Perrier sparkling water for a small charge, but you can decline politely and enjoy for no fee fresh-tasting ice water. Another tempting thing aboard includes the beverages in the mini-fridge - not-so-free by the way.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages for the most part, are not included in the price of your Princess Cruises vacation. However, there are some exceptions. The special beer package, which gives you the opportunity to get a free drink if you buy five, includes Coors Light, Beck's, Dos Equis, Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft. Couples on honeymoon receive a bottle of free champagne to celebrate the happy event. The Repeat Cruiser Reception and Captain's Reception offer free drinks from the bar during special events. Suite passengers, according to Princess Cruises, also receive at embarkation free glasses of champagne. Once you've sailed the 16th Princess cruise (or 151st day onboard Princess), you are welcomed as Captain's Circle elite member, and this entitles you to complimentary tasting Grapevine wine event.

Coffee, Cocoa, Tea

Hot tea and coffee are free in all Princess dining areas. The additional cafes aboard charge extra for lattes and gourmet coffees. Guests can purchase coffee cards to get discounts on the specialty drinks. Princess ships' bars charge fees for tea and coffee. Hot chocolate is another extra, unless when ordered with room service.

Non-Carbonated Beverages

Lemonade, unsweetened iced tea, regular milk, skim milk, juices (orange or apple juice) - these are always free in Princess dining areas. Juices are charged at the bars. In passengers' staterooms tere are small fridges available, for a few of your favorite drinks.

Soda Packages

Soft Princess drinks, like onboard most ships, are not covered. If you drink more than three sodas per day, better buy unlimited drink plan which is inexpensive. Room service is not included. Princess also provides a soda package entitling guest to six drinks but paying the price of five, which includes Diet Coke, Coke, Diet Sprite, Sprite, tonic water, soda water, orange-flavored soda, and ginger ale. The members of Captain's Circle receive mini-bar setup (complimentary) in their staterooms, including a can of Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, and a bottle of water, refilled for free when requested.


Chilled and fresh-tasting fountain water in all Princess Cruises dining areas is free. Refill your glasses generously. However, if you want bottled water or Perrier sparkling, will be charged extra.

Princess Cruises alcohol packages

The Princess line all-inclusive beverage package includes:

  • all spirits, cocktails, wine and beer priced below $10;
  • all nonalcoholic items like mocktails, shakes and soda;
  • tea, espresso, coffee and specialty drinks.

Princess Cruises beverage package includes additionally 40% discount on bottled wines that are priced less than $100, as well as any food items included with a coffee card like gelato and crepes.

The Princess All-Inclusive Bar Package is currently available for $49 per day, per person. A 15% gratuity is added, so it will cost you $56.35.

Before, all adults who were traveling in the same cabin had to purchase the Princess all-inclusive beverage package. Any minors who were traveling with adults purchasing the package, had to purchase Unlimited Soda & More package.

NOTE: As of May 2015, you are not obliged to buy a Princess Cruises all-inclusive beverage package, just because a person traveling in the same cabin wished so. It's your choice whether to purchase or not to purchase a beverage package.

The program is not offered on Dawn Princess, Sun Princess and Sea Princess or on Golden Princess, Emerald Princess and Diamond Princess sailings departing from and returning to Australia and New Zealand.

Princess Cruises all-inclusive drinks package (with alcohol included)

In July 2015, the Princess line introduced its own alcohol-inclusive drink package. Unfortunately, this is an "exclusive" all-inclusive deal available only on Princess Australian cruise ships. By the line's current itinerary program, these are the vessels Dawn, Sun and Sea. The list also includes Diamond, Golden and Emerald ships - but only when they sail on Australia-based itineraries during summer months.

The new Princess all-inclusive beverage package is named "Sip and Sail", and priced AUD 59 PP per day. The Package inclusions are drinks priced up to AUD 14 (per drink), including alcohol (liquors, cocktails, beers, wines by glass), non-alcoholic unlimited drinks (soft drinks, specialty coffees, shakes and juices, bottled water). Whoever buys the Australian unlimited drinks package will also be offered 40% discounted pricing on wines (by bottle) that cost under AUD 100 per bottle.

The new Princess Cruises Australia drink package can be bought only on the ship. The package can be purchased through any of the bartenders or waiters. It must be purchased for the full cruise duration - partial deals are not available.

In this endeavor Princess joins major cruise line companies in Australia, such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America. For this destination, Carnival and P&O Australia still do not offer alcohol included drink packages.

NOTE: In September 2017 Princess Cruises changed its alcohol-inclusive beverage package and upped its price. Previously popular as All-Inclusive Beverage Package, priced at US$59 per day, per person, the package covered drinks up to the value of US$14 including beers, wine by the glass, spirits, cocktails, as well as shakes, juices, water bottles and soft drinks. Passengers would also receive up to 40% discount on bottles of wine priced at US$100 or less.

However, the new Premier Beverage Package costs US$86.99 and includes all wine by the glass, beer and cocktails under US$16, as well as bottled water, fresh juices, shakes and fountain sodas. The package put a limit on the number of alcoholic drinks purchase at 15 per day,  per person. The line reduced the amount of discount passengers receive on bottles of wine under US$100 to 25%. The package is not available for cruises less than 7 nights for Australia-based itineraries or fewer than 2-nights for all other itineraries.

As part of its Premier Beverage package, Princess Cruises have kept the unlimited availability of fountain sodas, bottled water (500ml), specialty coffees and teas, fresh juices (if available),  Smoothies and milk shakes (if available), Red Bull energy drinks, Frappe’s at Coffee & Cones.

In addition to keeping the unlimited offerings, the line enhanced the value of the package via adding alcoholic beverages up to AU$16, and offering 25% off all bottles of wine, as well as including a 1-litre bottle of water (sparkling or still) free when guests dine at specialty dining restaurants.

Non-alcoholic beverage packages cost

information on Princess Cruises drink prices of alcohol and beverage packages

You can purchase wine packages in bundles of 3, 5, 7 bottles, and save about 25% off individually purchasing them. Liquor packages onboard Princess are not available - your favorite cocktails have to be ordered by the glass.

Princess Cruises offers the following non-alcoholic beverage packages to choose from:

  • Unlimited Soda for $5.18 per day - This package provides guests with unlimited soft drinks by the glass at all restaurants and bars aboard Princess ships.
  • Unlimited Soda & More for $8.05 per day - This package offers unlimited soft drinks and bonus cocktails, shakes, floats, juices, and hot chocolate - complimentary throughout your voyage.
  • Canned Soda for $11.75 12.00 - Passengers can try any six canned sodas from the listed below (in any combination) for the price of five: Diet Coke, Coke, Diet Sprite, Sprite, soda water, orange soda, ginger ale, tonic water.
  • Beer Package for $23.25 28.46 - Choose from the following beers, receive six of them for the price of five: Coors Light, Beck’s, Dos Equis, Miller Lite. Price, Miller Genuine Draft.
  • Coffee Card for $31.00 - This one includes 15 espresso-based cold or hot specialty coffee drinks brewed coffee (complimentary), and premium tea - all for the duration of cruise.

Princess Cruises Bon Voyage liquor list with alcohol prices

  • The following alcoholic beverages are available as "bon voyage" gifts.
  • These are subject to availability.
  • Gratuity is included in price.
  • All prices are in USD and may be changed by Princess Cruises without notice.

Princess Cruises drink prices (wine list)

Alcohol Brands (Wines / Beers / Liquors)Bon Voyage drink prices per bottle in USD

Champagne & Sparkling Wine - Dom Perignon (France)


Champagne & Sparkling Wine - Nicolas Feuillate (France)


Cabernet Sauvignon - Kenwood, Jack London (Sonoma, California)


Chardonnay - Simi (California)


Merlot - Oberon, Napa Valley (California)


  • Pinot Noir - Estancia Pinnacles Ranches (California)
  • Shiraz - Rosemount (SE Australia)
  • Zinfandel - Sextant (California)


  • Pinot Grigio - Danzante (Italy)
  • Chardonnay - Robert Mondavi (California)


Cabernet Sauvignon - Casa Lapostelle (Rapel Valley, Chile)


  • Sparkling - Korbel, Brut (California)
  • Sparkling - Martini & Rossi, Asti Spumante (Italy)
  • Riesling - Bex (Germany)
  • White Zinfandel - Woodbridge (California)


Sauvignon Blanc - Puerto Viejo (Chile)


Merlot - Round Hill (California)


Princess Cruises liquor prices (Bon Voyage)

Alcohol Brands (Wines / Beers / Liquors)Bon Voyage drink prices per bottle in USD

Cognac - Courvoisier VSOP (350ml)


Bourbon - Jack Daniel's (375ml)


Scotch - Johnny Walker Red Label (375ml)


  • Bourbon - Crown Royal (375ml)
  • Gin - Bombay Sapphire (375ml)


Vodka - Absolut (375ml)


Liqueur - Brogan's Irish Cream (350ml)


  • Bourbon - Jim Beam (375ml)
  • Scotch - Cutty Sark (375ml)
  • Rum - Bacardi White (375ml)
  • Rum - Cruzan Coconut Rum (375ml)
  • Gin - Gordon's (375ml)
  • Vodka - Skyy (375ml)


Princess Cruises room-service alcohol list

  • Passengers under 21 years of age are not served alcoholic beverages.
  • Identification may be required.
  • Princess cruise lines made available the following beverage packages, for stateroom consumption only:
Alcohol Brands (Wines / Beers / Liquors)Bon Voyage drink prices per bottle in USD

Cognac - Courvoisier VSOP (350ml)


Bourbon - Jack Daniel's (375ml)


  • Scotch - Johnny Walker Red Label (375ml)
  • Gin - Bombay Sapphire (375ml)


Bourbon - Crown Royal (375ml)


Vodka - Absolut (375ml)


Liqueur - Brogan's Irish Cream (350ml)


  • Bourbon - Jim Beam (375ml)
  • Scotch - Cutty Sark (375ml)
  • Rum - Bacardi White (375ml)
  • Rum - Cruzan Coconut Rum (375ml)
  • Gin - Gordon's (375ml)
  • Vodka - Skyy (375ml)