What is the cost of Carnival Spa - look at the prices of Carnival Cruise Lines, the Spa Carnival menu of all services and products, the Beauty Salon services and the Carnival Fitness cruise prices.

Comparing Spa prices on Carnival cruises to the rates of any land-based facility is both irrelevant and wrong. If you choose one of the so many Carnival Fun Ships for your sea travel vacation, you choose a floating resort. The Carnival's "floating palaces" feature along with all their unique activities & amenities, also the Spa Carnival retreat - your perfect world of tranquility, beauty, rejuvenating relaxation and well-being at sea. Integrated with Cloud 9 Spa Carnival prices and our Carnival Cruise Lines prices information hub about what is the price of fun when you choose to travel with the cheapest cruise line in the world.

Carnival Spa products

Carnival cruise Spa

The Spa Carnival services in the Health&Wellness centers on all Carnival ships are managed by Steiner Leisure Limited (STNR). Steiner is a leading company for spa services and products, established in 1934. As of February 2012, the Steiner spa company serves a total of 152 cruise ships of 19 of the world's most famous cruise line companies.

The general range of Carnival Spa prices is from US $25 up to around $300, but keep in mind that the on-board facilities you're using, besides their glamour, also have their huge cost to build. Everything on a vacation ship is much more expensive as a building cost than its analogs ashore. So indulge yourself by spoiling your body with some of the best Spa treatments at sea, using top line luxury spa products provided by the leading British spa brand Elemis.

Carnival Spa prices menu of services and treatments

The Carnival Spa menu prices in the table below are available on the following Carnival ships: Conquest, Ecstasy, Elation, Fantasy, Fascination, Freedom, Glory, Imagination, Inspiration, Legend, Liberty, Miracle, Paradise, Pride, Sensation, Spirit, Triumph, Valor and Victory. Tip: Spa services are at discounted prices while the ship is in port.

list of Carnival Spa procedures/treatments Price in USD
Spa Carnival FACIALS prices
"Elemis Aromapure" $109
"Elemis Oxydermy" [50 min] $205
"Elemis Pro Collage Marine" [50 min] $176
"Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Eye Treatment" $70
"Elemis Skin Specific" [50 min] $144
"La Therapie Back Treatment" 109
"La Therapie Hydralift" [50 min] $144
"La Therapie Intensif Vitamin Anti-Oxidant Treatment" (as an add-on to "Hydra Lift") $35
"La Therapie Intensif Age Zone Treatment" (pick 2 of the following add-ons to "Hydra Lift" $35
"Hydra Lip Intensif", "Intensif Eye Treatment", "Hyrda Neck Intensif", "Hydra Peel Hand Treatment"
"Miracle Microdermabrasion" $158
"Mini Miracle Microdermabrasion" $84
"Neck Microdermobrasion" or "Hand Microdermobrasion" x $28
"GO SMiLE Tooth Whitening" [30 min, per guest or couple] $199 or 358.

Carnival massages prices

"Acupuncture" [60 min, 1 or 3 courses] $160 or $380
"Swedish Massage" [25 or 50 min] $75 or $144
"Thai Herbal Poultice" [75 min] $237
"Bamboo Massage" [50 or 75 min] $193 or $241
"Couples Massage" [50 min] $326
"Elemis AromaSpa Seaweed Massage" [half body/85 min or full body/100 min] $237 or $314
"Elemis Exotic Lime & Ginger Sat Glow" [half body/50 min or full body/75 min] $188 or $241
"Elemis Total Glow Tanning Treatment" $141
"Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage" [50 min] $144
"Elemis AromaStone Therapy" (hot stones) [50 or 75 min] $180 or $237
"Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual" [50 min] $321
"Aromaspa Ocean Wrap" [+ half or full body massage] $176 or $228
"Aromaspa Ocean Wrap" $127
Float [add-on] $24
"The Spa Taster", "Reflexology" or "Japanese Shiatsu Body Massage" x $124
the "Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow" [full/50min or half body/25min massage] $181 or $146
"Sun Bed" [1 or 3 treatments] $24 or $57
"Deck Massage" [chair/15 min or table/25 min] $15 or $72
"Reflexology" [50 min] $144
"Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Program" [50 min / or a course of three] $193 or $483
"Ionithermie Cheek Lift Treatment" [50 min] $193
"Ionithermie Algae Detox" (slimming treatment) [50 min, 1 or 3 sessions] $159 or $363
"Bathing Ritual" $32.

Elemis grooming services for men prices

Urban Cleanse Facial $156
"Skin IQ Facial" $144
"Pro-Collagen Grooming Treatment" + shave $116
"Deep Cleansing Treatment" + shave $91
"Express Shave" $55
"Beard Trim" $19
"Men's Wet Cut & Style Dry" $43.

Carnival Beauty Salon services prices

HAIR (women)
"Shampoo, blow wave or set" [short or long hair] $30 or $45
"Shampoo, cut, blow wave" [short or long hair] $53 or $70
"Hair put-up" $45
"Island Braiding/Cornrows" from $35
"Permanent hair color (roots only) [short or long hair] $64 or $79
"Permanent hair color (whole head) [short or long hair] $84 or $104
"Highlights/Lowlights & Style" [short or long hair] $79 or $99
the "Color-cut-blow-dry" package 150.
HAIR (men) - "cut-blow-wave" $29.
"PHYTO Hair Conditioning" [30 min] $60
"Frangipani Hair & Scalp Conditioning Ritual" [25 min] $35
"Shampoo/Style Dry" from $43
"Shampoo/Cut & Style Dry" from $72
"Fringe Trim" $19
"Hair Up" from $59
"Highlights" [full head] from $108
"Permanent Colour" [roots only] from $84
"Permanent Colour" [whole head] from $116
"Semi-Permanent Colour" from $67
"PHYTO Styling" [add-ons] from $7

"Foot and Nail" services (manicure/pedicure) prices

"Fire & Ice" [manicure & pedicure] $61 & $85
"Traditional" [manicure/25min & pedicure/45min] $35 & $55
"Paraffin Wax Treatment" [add-on for hands or feet] $23
"14 day No Chip Nail" [add-on] $31
"Acrylic Nails" [refills or full set] $40 or $75
Elemis' "Exotic Foot Ritual (Sole Delight) + pedicure" [55 min] & "Exotic Hand Ritual + manicure" [45 min] $79 & $55.
Bliss Poetic WAXIG prices
"Brow" $36
"Up/Chin" $19
"Half Arm" $43
"Underarm" $29
"Leg" [half & full] $48 & $109
"Back" $79
"Chest" $67
"Bikini" $43
"Deep Bikini" $$61.

Carnival Fitness prices for a course including a consultation with the program

  • Carnival Spa menu of services"Personal Training" (60 min) - 1 person ($103) or 3-persons ($253)
  • "Pilate's" (1 hr) $85
  • "Zone Diet" (nutritional consultation, 60 min) $103
  • "Body Composition Analysis" (30 min) $43.
  • participating in CLASSES for $14 pp (Yoga, Pilates, Cycling).
  • Fitness package prices (the "Unlimited Class Pass") - on 3-4 day sailings ($49) and on 5-7 day sailings ($69).
  • "Chakra Balancing Capsule" - 25min ($45) and 50min ($60).
  • Excepting the classes, using the Fitness equipment is free of charge.

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