Silver Galapagos deck 3 plan

Deck layout and review

Review of Silver Galapagos deck 3

  • Promenade Deck
  • Reception/Expedition Desk is where passengers can request assistance, ask questions and buy basic toiletries and sundries, as well as Galapagos souvenirs.
  • Boutique/Library - the library is open 24 hours; all rich woods, with plush carpeting and soft leather chairs; shelves are mainly filled with Galapagos books; also offered are contemporary classics, novels, daily crosswords, quiz and board games like chess.
  • Main Lounge is the meeting place for shore excursions and pre-dinner briefings; the room is decorated with marble tables, leather sofas and chairs. An AV system ensures all guests hear expedition team members speak and see the large screen where Silver Galapagos naturalists show videos and wildlife pictures; passengers may use an iMac to download / edit pictures.
  • Snorkelling Area
  • Cruise cabins from 334 to 345, all of which Explorer Suites (category ES).