Adora Mediterranea deck 3 plan (Bacco-Promenade-Shops)

Deck layout and review

Review of Adora Mediterranea deck 3 (Bacco-Promenade-Shops)

Terrazza d’Inverno (glass-roofed “Winter Terrace” /bow location)

Osiris Theater (balcony level 2 of 3)

Promenade Deck circling around the Mediterranea ship

Biblioteca & Internet Point (combined Library and Internet computers room with books in various languages)

Salone Orientale (lounge area served by the Roero bar; has grand piano for live performances, ample seating, own dance floor)

Bar Roero (wines and champagne bar, also serving the Orientale lounge)

Negozi di Via Condotti (duty-free shops selling luxury jewelry, brand watches, glasses and perfumes, sportswear, apparel, Costa-logo items, gifts, tobaccos, liquor, toiletries)

Galleria Foto (Photo Gallery & Shop- photo-video services, equipment and accessories available for purchasing). The Mediterranea’s Art Gallery is by the Galleria Foto, with many artworks on display and available for purchasing.

Bar Dionisio (50 seats lounge & bar area)

Degli Argentieri Dining Room (upper level 2 of 2).