MS Deutschland-World Odyssey deck 6 plan (World Odyssey_Dining-Lounge-Gym)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Deutschland-World Odyssey deck 6 (World Odyssey_Dining-Lounge-Gym)

The aft-located Sauna Room (starboard) and Fitness Center/Gym (portside) directly access a stern-facing Open Deck with direct access to Deck 7's Sundeck via outdoor stairs.

Berlin Restaurant is the ship's MDR/main dining room serving buffet-style breakfast (8 to 10 am), lunch (12-noon to 2 pm) and dinner (at 7 pm). Berlin Restaurant has windows on both sides (providing portside and starboard views) and is paneled in white painted wood.

Classroom/Lounge (Salon Lili Marleen) is the main bar lounge. The spacious room has small seating groups of comfy chairs and a nice bar. It is separated from the corridors/hallways via walls of beveled glass. Bar drinks are fairly priced. Late-night snacks are also offered here (starting at 10:45 pm).

The Union/Kisersaal (main level/lower level 1 of 2) is the ship's main/largest entertainment venue. The 2-story lounge has balcony seating, as well as seating arranged in groupings around tables with parchment-shaded lamps. It also features a large dance floor (on the stage) and a grand staircase leading to the upper level (on Deck 7). The ballroom's ceiling is a painted mural of sky and clouds with a huge crystal chandelier.