MS Titanic 2 deck 6 plan (C-Shelter)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Titanic 2 deck 6 (C-Shelter)

  • Covered Mooring Deck (forward)
  • Deck Stores and Workshops
  • Exterior Deck
  • Assembly Area for MFZ 1+2
  • FWD Atrium with elevators and Grand Staircase
  • AFT Atrium
  • Library and 2nd-Class Covered Promenade
  • Assembly Area for MFZ 6
  • Assembly Area for MFZ 7
  • 3rd-Class Promenade
  • Backup power equipment (Emergency Generators, Batteries, UPS)
  • 3rd-Class General Room
  • Covered Mooring Deck (aft)

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