World Traveller deck 6 plan (Bridge-Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of World Traveller deck 6 (Bridge-Cabins)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge (Wheelhouse) is operated with open-bridge policy. It allows passengers to visit the facility during the cruise and observe how the Captain and watch officers navigate the ship. The Captain and Bridge officers will restrict access to the Navigation Bridge room during port arrivals and departures, and also during times of emergencies and complicated navigation. When visiting the Bridge, passengers are advised to keep noise to a minimum as to not distract the watch officers from doing their jobs efficiently. Eating, drinking and smoking in this room is forbidden.

Adjacent to the Wheelhouse are the Captain's Suite and officers' quarters, which are inaccessible to passengers.

Cruise cabins from 601 to 641, most of which are balcony staterooms (categories Owners Suite, Superior Suite, Veranda Suite, and Triple Suite), and the rest are Infinity Suites (French Balcony Cabins with aft location).

Bridge Deck also has the ship's two lifeboats, which are fully enclosed. The boats are located near the Triple Suites.