Your Plan For If Injury Occurs At Sea

   January 14, 2020 ,   Accidents

Cruises will often be the vacation of a lifetime for those onboard, but there are hazards to be mindful of even when on a luxury liner. According to a study published in the International Journal of Maritime Health, an average of 221 people are injured every year on cruise liners, with 5% needing hospital treatment. Having a plan in place before you embark is, therefore, crucial to ensure, regardless of any cruise accidents, that your trip remains a happy one.

Your Plan For If Injury Occurs At Sea

Seek legal advice

Under the decks of a cruise ship is a huge ecosystem dedicated to making your trip a pleasurable one, and a vast amount of regulatory and legal advice is taken into account. This was highlighted most recently by the Whakaari island disaster and ensuing lawsuits said to be facing Royal Caribbean. This shows that cruise-goers should be aware of their rights, and in the case of an emergency, you should retain a personal injury lawyer (FVF LAW firm). This will ensure that your treatment was fair, that the cruise liner had done everything in their power to prevent your injury, and that you receive fair compensation for your incident.

Make a strategy for the rest of your trip

Depending on the type and severity of your injury, there is a chance that your plans for the rest of your cruise will be impacted. While it can be saddening and overwhelming to plan, it's important that you work with the cruise company to plan out what trips you need to pass on, and which can be adapted, in order for you to enjoy your cruise. For instance, a hiking trip on one port stop could be impeded by a leg injury; put the onus on your hosts to plan something else out for you, and make sure you provide your preferences to ensure that you're not left bored in your cabin.

Stay positive

An injury can have an impact on your trip, but if you can still stay onboard and enjoy your cruise, try to stay positive. More than anything, science shows that positivity improves physical health ( and recovery, meaning you can be fully active again. If you are able, try and take a light-hearted approach to the injury and still get out and about as much as you can within the medical advice you've been given.

More than anything, a regimented plan for how you will deal with injury is key. Rather than letting it ruin your trip, knowing what you’ll do ahead of time will help you to maintain the same level of enjoyment. Take legal advice, look at a new itinerary, and make a promise to yourself that you’ll still love your vacation.