Royal Caribbean Internet VOOM Packages Prices

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Here, CruiseMapper provides you with updated information on all currently offered by the cruise line Royal Caribbean International Internet packages, RCI ships' unlimited Internet cost and different plans prices. Here you will also find an extensive review of Royal Caribbean International's VOOM internet, as well as the company's shipboard Internet policy rules.

Royal Caribbean VOOM Internet

VOOM is named RCI's new high-speed internet shipboard service that provides cruise ship passengers with the pleasure to enjoy at sea faster connectivity, with almost the same high-speed Internet connections they use on land. The new satellite technology utilizes each RCI ship specifically.

VOOM Internet has latency 120 ms, ping ~300 ms, download speed ~4,6 Mbps, upload speed ~5,2 Mbps. VOOM allows fast streaming of music and movies (incl YouTube, Netflix), uploading multiple (incl big-sized) pictures, also video chatting (FaceTime, Skype, conference calls), checking email, web surfing, stable and fast VPN connections. The onboard system is based on the 802.11b wireless connection (theoretical bandwidth peak 11 Mbps).

  • Shipboard Internet access is intergrated to the stateroom number and the personal onboard account. Following the log-on to the ship's wireless network "Royal WiFi", there is an option for creating an Internet account where the passenger can sign up for a particular Internet plan or to pay by the minute. The charge is always applied to the cabin (onboard) account.
  • While using the VOOM Internet package, passengers can switch between various mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops). However, the number of devices connected at the same time is limited by the Internet plan.
  • The cruise ship also has several Internet workstations available for all passengers on FCFS basis (first-come, first-served).
  • Among the cheaper alternatives to the VOOM internet are connecting onboard (while the cruise vessel is in ports of call) or ashore (in restaurants, bars, etc).

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RCI's shipboard Internet tips and information

The VOOM Wi-Fi ("Wireless Internet Access") service is provided for all wireless devices with WiFi capability.  Wired Internet service is provided in some shipboard venues (Internet Cafes) where for passenger use are available Internet-connected computer stations.

To connect personal mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) to the ship's VOOM Internet, passengers need to first make a connection to the onboard “royal-wifi” network (on their personal device), then to open an Internet browser and register for a pre-purchased package.

Pre-cruise purchasing VOOM is recommended as RCI offers discount prices in comparison to the shipboard rates. To pre-purchase VOOM online, booked passengers must log in to "My Cruises", then go to "Cruise Planner".

In 2017, the VOOM Internet became available fleetwide - meaning it's currently offered on all RCI ships.

New Internet packages cost (2017-2018 prices)

RCI's ship internet offering was revamped from only one plan into different per day packages with pricing based on the number of included devices. Two new packages are currently available for booking:

All below listed unlimited Internet package prices are "Cruise Planner" booking rates and include the 30% pre-cruise booking discount. Packages can be purchased on the ship and also pre-purchased (before the cruise) via RCI's "Cruise Planner" booking system.

"VOOM Surf Voyage" Internet package

"VOOM Surf Voyage" is the "light package" providing high-speed Internet for general web browsing, e-mails and social media platforms (excepting video streaming).

  • The "VOOM Surf Voyage" package cost (per day) depends on the number of mobile devices using it.
  • VOOM Surf pricing is as follows: $13 (1 device), $12 (2 devices), $10 (4 devices) and $20 (Single Day Pass per device / per day).

"VOOM Surf + Stream" Internet package

"VOOM Surf + Stream" is the "real deal", offering unlimited Internet activities, including the high-speed video streaming (music, movies, video chatting, texting, VoIP apps /Internet phone calls).

  • The "VOOM Surf + Stream" package cost (per day) also depends on the number of mobile devices included.
  • VOOM Surf + Stream pricing is as follows: $18 (1 device), $16 (2 devices), $14 (4 devices) and $28 (Single Day Pass per device / per day).

Occasionally, Royal Caribbean offers VOOM package discounts for passengers with pre-purchased online (via "Cruise Planner") internet packages. Discounts are also offered for Royal Caribbean loyalty program members (by the "Crown and Anchor Society" program) when the VOOM package is purchased on the cruise ship.

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