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By ,   November 23, 2015 ,   Tips & Tricks

Review Royal Caribbean gratuities, tipping policy and tips (per day/reduced/removed). There are major changes in the Royal Caribbean gratuities policy to be implemented on all RCI ships.

the new Royal Caribbean gratuities/tipping policy

NOTE: Passengers on Royal Caribbean ships sailing on/after May 1, 2016 will have to pay 55 cents more per day, per person for gratuities. The new RCI daily tip, added automatically to cruiser bills, will be $13.50 (which is up from $12.95) for standard cabin guests and $16.50 (up from $15.95) for guests in suites.

Royal Caribbean International last upped company's gratuities in 2015, going up from $12 to $12.95 (standard cabins) and $14.25 to $15.95 (suites). According to Royal Caribbean, the last increase put the company "in line with its competitors in the industry and recognize the exceptional work that Royal Caribbean's staff and crew does to deliver unforgettable vacations every day."

As it is with most cruise lines, travelers can remove daily gratuity but it does pay for tips for all crew members in the housekeeping and dining rooms. According to the RCI website, of $13.50, nearly $8.30 goes to dining & culinary services; suite attendants receive $6.85; stateroom attendants get $3.85; and housekeeping services - $1.35.

The new RCI tips per day will be added to each guest's SeaPass card (on-board account) automatically, the only exclusion being for passengers with prepaid gratuities - they won't be charged daily. And the bar service personnel still gets their 15% tips from bar sales.

Royal Caribbean gratuities policy

Just for comparison, by the old RCCL tipping guidelines, the Royal Caribbean suggested tips/gratuities were a total of $11,65 per day per passenger (respectively $13,90 for suite passengers) and also guests could pay on board either in cash or via their shipboard account.

Royal Caribbean tips - reduced or removed?

Royal Caribbean tipping policy and rulesJust like with the Carnival's tipping policy, under the new Royal Caribbean tipping policy guests who believe they've been serviced poorly while on board their "Of The Seas" ship have the right to ask Guest Services personnel to reduce or even to remove their automatic gratuities. And just like with the Carnival case, this will reflect directly on the ship's serving staff (cabin stewards, Room Service and Main Dining Room wait staff, as well as kitchen, entertainment, passenger services and other hotel personnel). It's always up to you to adjust the amount of gratuities at any time while on board the ship and your tips will be deemed undisputed. But you should know, that the ship's service staff don't make a salary - your tips are their wages. In their case "tipping" doesn't mean "extra" - it means "salary". So our "big tip" on this subject is this - if you guys have a service staff problem, speak first with your cabin attendant. Then (if your problem continues to bother you) contact the hotel manager. And if the problem still remains unsolved - then adjust the tips.

Royal Caribbean tips on cruises

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