Gambling on Carnival Cruise

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All Casino&Bingo cruise questions or what really means "gambling on Carnival cruise ships". If your Carnival cruise ship has a casino (all Carnival ships are equipped with a huge casino) you'll be definitely interested in this survey. As information, it covers all "fun ship topics" in the category of "Carnival Cruise Casino" - games and rules/policy, limits/table limits (minimum bet/winnings/payouts), credit/chips, gambling age limit/policy, the Carnival Players Club (points/VIP/comps), the Vault game specs, plus some Casino tips.

The following review is integrated with How About Gambling on Cruise Ships.

Carnival Cruise Gambling in the ship's Casino

The first in the list of Carnival Casino comps (complimentary items and services to encourage players to gamble) is the "free drinks Carnival cruise Casino" offer. These are real deals and they all come with the proper Players Club status (if you earn a lot of points/jackpots), a proper "life attitude" and the unique ability to have fun.

Carnival Cruise Casino comps & perks- from free drinks to free cruise offers

gambling on carnival cruise casino games cards table limits age limit/policy pricesIt means for table games minimum bets of $50 per hand [green chips are $25] (the upper level staff sign for these drinks, usually after you make 9000-12000 points on a sailing). There's also the "On Us" casino drink program - when you reach 1500 points at the Slot Machines you get the "Drink On Us" card - and complimentary drinks while playing in the casino for the rest of your cruise. Table Players can also qualify for the drink card - they'll need to ask the Pit Boss to get rated for this program.

  • As you play, your S&S card will tell you how many points you've accumulated. When you make the 1500 points, call someone from the Casino staff and they'll add your free drink card to your on-board S&S card. Remember - the drink cards are provided only on longer sailings (7+ days). Cards are good only in the Casino, you must ask the Pit Manager to consider your betting.
  • As additional perks some players have received (even on more than one occasion) bottles of wine sent to their Main Dining Room tables, a wine&cheese basket or sweets sent to their cabins, free photo coupons. Sometimes they may get a "future" free drink card plus free onboard credit. And these are huge comps compared to those offered in land-based casinos.
  • free Carnival cruise promotion for Players Club members. It's a limited-time based on availability promotion - on selected sailings you'll pay only the taxes, meaning the stateroom is for absolutely free.

Carnival cruise Casino age, hours, slots, payouts

The Carnival Cruise Line Casino gambling age is 18+. The list of Casino games on Carnival cruise ships includes Black Jack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and various Slot Machines ($1-0,5-0,25-0,05) and penny slots ($0,02-0,01). As to the payouts - higher denominations machines have a higher payout rate (as percentages they are something like penny 88%, nickle & quarter 92%, dollar 94%. You should know that the casino is able to change the payouts for server based slots as desired. On Carnival ships the slot payout is around 80% (info based on internal sources). Now about the Casino hours:

  • on sea days: slot machines (9AM), select tables (10AM), full casino (12PM-3AM), the hours may vary due to itineraries.
  • on port days: closed while the ship is in port, opens after the ship sails (usually 30-60 min after leaving port). "The Bahamas exception" - on ships staying overnight in Nassau, the casino is open during night hours, on ships calling on Half Moon Cay (private island) it may be open at the management's discretion.

Carnival Casino Players Club- points, tournaments, member benefits, perks

The Carnival cruise Casino Players Club membership is free, no need to sign up/fill out a form, all members are eligible to receive benefits/special offers.

  • play the slots, earn min 1000 points and you'll be automatically enrolled in the club. Don't forget to have your S&S Card inserted in the reader whenever you play, make sure the card is accepted (it will welcome you by your first name, and as you play it will show you how many points you have so far).
  • for every 1000 points you'll receive a $10 cash reward. The more points the more benefits - the free casino drinks (while playing) and the Carnival Players Club VIP cruise being among the specialest. All Casino benefits and perks are based upon frequency of sailing and point levels. Their list also includes special "money" offers (up to 25% discounted rates, cash back up to $500 towards future sailings, from $50 up to $500 in casino cash), invitations for special events, VIP Casino Tournaments, lines of credit for high rollers, gifts and service discounts.
  • the staff always keep notes about your gambling (spending) at the table, and at the end of your trip they scan and send these notes to the OPC.
  • the Carnival Ocean Players Club (OPC) caters to casinos on all vessels / companies owned by Carnival Corporation (also members of the World's Leading Cruise Lines alliance) - Carnival (CCL), Princess, P&O, Costa, Holland America, Cunard, Seabourn, AIDA, Ibero. OPC Casino points are transferable (can be used on all their ships). For more info - call the Ocean Players Club (phone number 1-888-672-2582, call in day time hours/week days).

Carnival cruise ship Casino - money tips & FAQ

  • what is the cost of carnival cruise bingo games cards prices prizes age limit/policy pricesthe Carnival cruise Casino Vault game is a highly popular game of skills (available on all ships 24 hours a day) - it's $1 per play, you can win an iPad and up to $500 cash packets (they don't replenish the vault during the sailing). The game resets after its 30sec timer expires. There are 4 levels (none of them at eye level, iPads are on the top row). In these 30sec by a toggle switch you have to line up the adjustable arm left and right, then when you push down on a roller ball it causes the arm to go forward (you can't stop the movement once it starts), the key has to go through a little lock and turn 180 degrees to release your prize.
  • US currency and Travelers Checks are accepted at all tables/slots.
  • you can use your S&S Card (your stateroom account) to buy chips/credit from the Cashier's Window (3% fee), no fee will apply if the S&S Card is used in the slot machine. The S&S (Sail & Sign) card limit is $250/transaction and $1000/day.
  • at the "Coinless Fun Slot Machines" players set-up a bank account in order to upload/download credits from them. Note: your Casino bank account and your S&S account are separate.
  • the casino limit is $10,000 per person/family members traveling together.
  • MegaCash is the largest cruise ship jackpot in the world (one guest won way over $1 million).
  • the Carnival Casino chips are transferable between different Carnival ships, most chips are generic with a Carnival logo on them.
  • "is a point equals a buck" - 1 point is more than $1 but it's not based on how much a player wins/loses, but how much he/she plays. Note: table games are rated differently than slot machines.
  • as to the winning odds - they called it GAMBLING - it's guaranteed that in the long run you lose money, but hopefully you win fun.

Carnival ships Casino Table Games limits

roulette limits other limits
- $0,25 $0,5 $1 -
inside number $1-$10 $3-120 $3-50 $5-200
dozens/columns $1-$120 $3-120 $5-50 $10-200
outside bets $1,-$180 $3-180 $3-100 $25-300

Carnival cruise Casino games available on all ships

  • 2 tables for Black Jack - the minimum bet is $5. At high-limit tables it varies from $25 minimum to $500 maximum. higher maximums (for players who request this) are subject to approval, the dealer follows Las Vegas-style casino rules (he's obliged to stand on a "soft 17").
  • 1 table for Craps/Dice - if you don't know how to play, one of the casino staff members will walk you through the basics. ships also provide double odds on craps (a $5 minimum bet and $200 maximum bet for the pass line), with the possibility for high rollers to request from the casino management higher maximums.
  • Poker games - 3-card poker, electronic PokerPro tables ("Texas Hold 'Em"), "Caribbean Stud Poker", "Caribbean Draw Poker", minimum bet $5, high-stakes tables and tournaments.
  • 2 Roulette tables - just pick the right choice at the right time!

 Carnival cruise ship Casino chips- denominations, color, value

  • $25 (green), $100 (grey)
  • $5 "Free Play Chip" (yellow, no cash value)
  • Tournament chips (non-negotiable) - $5 (yellow), $100 (orange), $500 (green)
  • other (non negotiable-transferable-refundable): $5 "Free Play Ticket" (white, it can be played only: on even chance bets, by itself or with cash chips, one at a time, can't be used for double down bet, split bets or odds on craps), $5 "Match Play Coupon" (multi colored, good for 1 bet only, offered as promotion).
CCL ships Carnival cruise ships casinos sizes (in ft2) BJ tables Slot Machines
- total $1
Breeze "Winner's Luck" 9000 9 185 21
Conquest "Tahiti" 9 196 28
Dream "Jackpot" 10 193 22
Magic "Hat Trick" 9 185 21
Freedom "Babylon" 10 204 25
Glory "Camel Club" 9 202 24
Liberty "Czar’s Palace" 10 212 35
Spirit "Louix XIV" 8 170 22
Sunshine "Millionaire’s Club" 10 182 25
Splendor "Royal Flush" 11 207 24
Triumph "Club Monaco" 7 213 28
Valor "Shogun Club" 9 192 29
Victory "South China Sea" 8 197 21
Vista "Vista" 9 185 21
Legend "Club Merlin" 8500 8 149 23
Miracle "Mr Lucky's" 7 152 20
Pride "Winner's Club" 7 169 22
Ecstasy "Crystal Palace" 6230 7 145 22
Elation "Casablanca" 6 142 23
Fantasy "Club 21" 7 138 28
Fascination "Royale" 8 146 13
Imagination "El Dorado" 8 148 26
Inspiration "Monte Carlo" 8 149 23
Paradise "Majestic" 9 137 20
Sensation "Club Vegas" 7 139 20.

Carnival cruise Bingo- games, cards, prices/prizes, policy

Bingo playing on Carnival ships happens every day (sometimes twice a day), it's available fleet-wide and it's an onboard fun activity that offers big jackpot prizes.

  • Carnival Bingo cards prices - 3 cards for $20 or 1 card for $10, sometimes they offer promotions with reduced prices - a half price game (3 cards for $10), or 3 for 1 games, or 7 for 1 games. Bingo cards (punch cards) are for one session and not limited to one game. Bingo sessions vary from 1 to 7 games. The general rules are you get a sheet with 3 games on it and you play all 3 at the same time. It's one game (unless it's a "3 for 1" / "7 for 1"), you can purchase multiple cards as well. As to the exact rules - the staff will explain them to you at the game.
  • Bingo cash prizes start at $100, a jackpot game offers up to $2000. There's also a special $5000 game (if you get a blackout within the specified numbers picked; its usual prize is $1000).
  • Other Carnival Bingo prizes: free Bingo cards (the promo games), tour passes, gifts from on-board shops (including jewelry), Carnival Spa free services, there's a prize that will pay up to $750 of your bar bill (total you've paid for beverages with your S&S Card) or even a complimentary Carnival cruise!
  • The free Carnival cruise ticket/voucher prize is played toward the end of the voyages (the so called Blackout Bingo game) - in fact, it's the last game of the sailing). If you put your used bingo cards in the "second chance box" (don't forget to sign your name and cabin number on them) you may win another complimentary cruise.
  • the Bingo policy - it is gambling, so guests must be 18 to play.