Carnival Faster To The Fun FTTF & VIFP Programs

   November 26, 2015 ,   Ships and Lines

This review of the Carnival VIFP Club loyalty program changes (VIFP levels, points, benefits) and of the new Carnival "Faster To The Fun" (FTTF) priority boarding program (and "is it worth it" review). View the list of Carnival FTTF ships with prepaid priority access packages available for purchasing online.

Read all about the new VIFP Carnival loyalty program and find out what are the past guest benefits for each level of membership, the new points, and colors and how to make the Fun Ships fun a real deal. The survey is integrated with Carnival cruise information, tips, and tricks.

Carnival VIFP Club

The new Carnival loyalty program is called "The VIFP Club", where VIFP stands for "Very Important Fun Person". So from now on, all Fun Ship guests are considered "VIP Fun" passengers - no matter past or present. All members of the Carnival VIFP Club form, as CCL says, a "secret society" - with way more fun deeds and deals than secrets.

VIFP vs the old Carnival loyalty program (changes review)

The new Carnival Loyalty Program is a five-tier Past Passenger cruise loyalty program (aka Past Guest recognition program) with benefits according to the number of the Carnival VIFP points you've earned. The main difference between the old program and the new VIFP Club is that the new one is based on the number of days you've sailed with Carnival, rather than the number of voyages. This means one Carnival VIFP point for each day onboard a Fun Ship is the "deal of the day" now.

(Very Important Fun Person) Carnival VIFP - CruiseMapper

Your very own Carnival cruise past guest number is generated after you create a profile within the Carnival's "My Profile" database. This number is unique for each guest and gives you exclusive access to all info on all your past & present Carnival bookings.

Carnival VIFP levels / points

There are 5 levels/colors in the Carnival Cruises Past Guest program: "Blue", "Red", "Gold", "Platinum" and "Diamond". What are the Carnival Cruise Lines loyalty program benefits for each level?

  • Benefits for "BLUE" VIFP members (0 points, first-time with Carnival) - Members-only offers (on
    select voyages with hugely discounted fares) and the Member eNewsLetter.
  • Benefits for "RED" VIFP members (on your 2nd cruise with Carnival, 1 to 24 points) - a coupon for a complimentary specialty drink at "Punchliner Comedy Brunch" (in Main Dining Rooms / MDRs).
  • Benefits for "GOLD" VIFP members (25-74 points) - all the previous ones plus an invitation to the Gold-Platinum-Diamond VIFP cocktail party (available on 5+ day voyages, with free drinks and appetizers), and a Gold VIFP pin(given to you upon entry into the G-level).

Carnival Past Guest cruise specials start with the benefits for "PLATINUM" VIFP members (75-199 points), with all "Gold" benefits:

  • complimentary Carnival FTTF service (see below "Faster To The Fun" program) which is all about priority - security, check-in, express boarding, priority tender boarding (ship to shore only), embarkation and debarkation, early stateroom availability, express luggage delivery, priority Spa and dining reservations (Main Dining Rooms, Specialty Restaurants), priority line at Guest Services desk.
  • (on each sailing) - collectible ship- and year- pins, a Carnival logo-gift.
  • Carnival cruise casino points/comps (age limit 18+ yo) - buy one get one free tournament entry
  • complimentary arcade play credit (valued $5, for guests 18- yo).
  • complimentary laundry services (wash and fold service, 2 bags on 3-5 day voyages, 3 bags on 7+ days).
  • "Chocolate Delight" gourmet dessert of 4 chocolate-dipped strawberries (delivered in the cabin, on 5+ day itineraries).
  • Elite-level Carnival cruise ship casino players immediately receive (in addition to numerous perks) also "VIFP Platinum" status.

Carnival VIFP points - CruiseMapper

Benefits for "DIAMOND" VIFP members (200+ points) - all "Platinum" benefits, plus:

  • guaranteed reservations for Specialty Restaurants and in the Main Dining Rooms (MDRs)
  • (one-time offers) a complimentary dinner for 2 at a Specialty Restaurant onboard
  • (one time per sailing) a special invitation from the captain (with free drinks)
  • a free cabin upgrade (OR 3rd and 4th guests cruise for free)
  • unlimited complimentary laundry services
  • a club luggage tag and a passport holder (upon entry into the D-level)
  • a tall-free Carnival cruise number for sales and services
  • a US $100 contribution to the St Jude Research Hospital (per member).
Carnival VIFP benefitsBlue LevelRed LevelGold LevelPlatinum LevelDiamond Level
  • Members-only cruise offers
  • eNewsletter
Complimentary beverage at Punchliner Comedy Brunch and at Breakfast or Lunch in Main Dining Rooms (MDRs)-xxxx
VIFP Party on 5+ day itineraries (complimentary drinks and appetizers)--xxx
Gold VIFP pin (upon entry into Gold level)--x--
  • “Chocolate Delight” (delivered to cabins on 5+ day itineraries)
  • Priority services - check-in, boarding, spa reservations, tender boarding (ship-to-shore), debarkation
  • Collectible ship-model and year-specific pin received on each voyage
  • "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" ship casino tournament entry
  • Complimentary arcade credits (valued $5)
  • Carnival logoed gift on every voyage
  • Guest Services (dedicated onboard phone number, priority line at Reception Desk)
  • Priority Main Dining Room restaurant and Specialty Restaurant dinner reservations
  • Complimentary wash and fold laundry service per member (2 bags on 3-6 day, and 3 bags on 7+ day itineraries)
  • Guaranteed Main Dining Room and Specialty Restaurant reservations
  • Unlimited complimentary laundry service (wash and fold)
  • Invitation from the Captain on each voyage
  • One-time free cabin upgrade OR 3rd and 4th guests cruise free
  • One-time donation to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • One-time complimentary dinner for 2 at Specialty Restaurant
  • VIFP Club luggage tag set (upon entry into Diamond level)
  • The dedicated toll-free number for shipboard sales and services

Carnival loyalty program benefits- free cruise, onboard credit/OBC

Carnival "Milestone Cruise Rewards" for VIFP members (the "Milestone" program remains unchanged). The new Past Guest program's effective date was June 25th, 2012, with the Carnival Breeze ship making an exception (its effective date was July 9).

  • For their "milestone" bonuses guests are eligible on their 25th, 50th and 75th sailing with Carnival Lines, when they receive an onboard credit equal respectively to 25%, 50% and 75% of the cruise fare for that particular sailing. These credits are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • And the answer to "how many Carnival Fun Points for a free cruise" - on your 100th voyage with the line you'll receive a complimentary Carnival cruise to Caribbean, Alaska or Mexico Riviera (up to 8 days in length).

All customers are automatically enrolled in the VIFP Club.

Carnival VIFP program - popular levels/points FAQs

  • All Platinum passengers remain Platinum regardless of the number of days (if you have 200+ days, you'll become a Diamond member).
  • A guest with 9 voyages earns Platinum status by taking one sailing of any length within 1 year period (counted from June 25th, 2013).
  • A guest with 8 voyages earns Platinum status by taking 2 voyages of any length within the next 18 months (counted again from June 25th, 2012).
  • Spouses of passengers with VIFP numbers - to get credit for the sailing, go to your VIFP profile and add your husband/wife as a travel companion (if not already there).
  • Q: I'm presently Red, 3 more points I'm Gold, I'm also booked on a 7-day sailing - would I get the Gold Card at the beginning of the sailing or I'll have to wait until the 3rd day or until my next sailing for the Gold card? A: upon check-in, you'd be given a Gold status.
  • CCL extended the Carnival Corp stock ownership benefits as part of its loyalty program which gives passengers OBC for owning at least 100 CCL shares.

Carnival FTTF ("Faster To The Fun") program

Currently, the cheapest Carnival FTTF package costs USD 49,95 per stateroom. All passengers in the cabin must be in one booking.

  • As of August 2016, the fee for the FTTF package remains the same for itineraries 2- to 4-nights, but increases from there, based on itinerary length - $49.95 for 4-days (excluding Liberty, Paradise, Triumph, Victory), $59.95 for 4-days (on Liberty, Paradise, Triumph, Victory), $69.95 for 5-days (excluding Sensation, Victory), $59.95 for 5-days (on Sensation, Victory), $69.95 for 6-7-days, and $79.95 for 8-days and longer voyages.
  • In March 2018, the price went up to $69.95-$99.95. On 5-day voyages, FTTF costs $69.95, except on Sensation ($59.95). For 4-days is $69.95 (on Conquest, Ecstasy, Liberty, Paradise, Triumph, Valor, Vista). For 6-7-day voyages, the FTTF package costs $89.95. On voyages 8 days and longer, the price is $99.95.

(new) Carnival FTTF pricing

In October 2018, Carnival Cruise Line once again raised FTTF prices. However, the latest increase was only for fleet's newest (and biggest) liner Carnival Horizon. Pricing for FTTF now ranges from $49.95 to $119.95.

Next is the list of Carnival FTTF ships and their new pricing.

FTTF program is capacity controlled. It all started in August 2012 on 2 ships only - Imagination and Liberty.

  • Where is the place on the Carnival website where you can buy the "Faster To The Fun" package? If FTTF is available for the cruise, it is listed under the "excursions" list for this sailing.
  • The FTTF package availability depends on the number of Diamond-Platinum members on a particular sailing.
  • The Carnival FTTF package is Per Stateroom (not Per Person), so only one guest needs to buy it but all occupants receive the benefits.
  • There's no specific time required - once clearance is received from Customs to start boarding, FTTF guests board right after all Platinum and Diamond passengers.
  • Platinum and Diamond guests don't need to buy the FTTF package (its benefits are included as part of their VIFP status).
  • After purchasing the FTTF package, remember to reprint your boarding documents so Faster to Fun reflects on your cruise documents. When you get to the port, point out to the porters that your luggage is FTTF so they can mark the tags.
  • By booking a Suite you'll get as perks priority boarding and disembarkation only. If Suite guests want to have access to their rooms upon boarding, plus early luggage delivery, they need to purchase FTTF.

(Faster To The Fun) Carnival FTTF - CruiseMapper

The list of benefits from buying the Carnival FTTF package includes:

  • Priority Check-in and Express Boarding (you board the ship quicker)
  • Guaranteed Cabin (your stateroom will be ready upon boarding)
  • Express Luggage Service (luggage expedited to your cabin)
  • Guest Services (there's a dedicated phone line for staff assistance)
  • Priority Dining Reservations (main dining rooms, specialty restaurants)
  • Priority Tendering (priority ship to shore transportation via tender boats)
  • Priority Debarkation (you can choose early or late homeport disembarkation time).

Just like with all the stuff Carnival Lines related, the new Carnival loyalty program gives you an upgrade to the next level of fun - with more and better benefits. As to your VIFP level - it's cool, but it really doesn't matter much until you reach the Platinum and Diamond levels. What is more important (always, no matter your "cruising rank"!) is that you'll be soon on that special Fun Ship, having your drink, enjoying the sun and the company of great people. But still, it's a real deal, it's fun as usual, it's up to you to cruise more and get more out of it.