Akademik Ioffe icebreaker accidents and incidents

Akademik Ioffe icebreaker cruise ship

Former names
One Ocean Navigator

Length (LOA)
117 m / 384 ft

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  • aground - 2018 (Nunavut, Arctic Canada)

May 2019Other Incidents

In May 2019, the Russian icebreakers Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Vavilov were taken out of service for extensive drydock refits and modernization. Both vessels were seasonally chartered by One Ocean Expeditions (now defunct), but are no longer available for cruise shipping charters.

Both ships are now used for polar research purposes (Arctic Ocean operations) by Shirshov Institute of Oceanology - part of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences).

24 August 2018Ship Grounding

In the morning of August 24, 2018, the ship (under charter by One Ocean Expeditions) ran aground in Gulf of Boothia (Nunavut Canada), near Kugaaruk. The icebreaker was refloated on Aug 25 (~6 am) and anchored in deeper waters for hull inspection.

All passengers and crew were safe and without injuries. Although the ship grounded on a rock, due to its ice-strengthened hull, no significant damages occurred. The hull remained intact and the vessel was in stable condition. It was inspected by the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), who deployed to the scene two CCGS icebreakers (Pierre Radisson, and Amundsen).

To assist the grounded icebreaker, One Ocean Expeditions diverted its sistership (also under charter by the company) Akademik Sergey Vavilov. On August 25, all passengers were disembarked from Akademik Ioffe and via zodiacs (large-capacity inflatable boats) transferred to Akademik Sergey Vavilov and transported to Kugaaruk. From there, they were transported to Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) and flown back home.

03 August 2008Other Incidents

On August 3, 2008, the chartered by Quark Expeditions icebreaking ship was scheduled to end the cruise / disembark all passengers in Resolute Bay (Nunavut, Arctic Canada), from where they were supposed to fly to Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) via First Air charter flight.

However, due to ice conditions, the ship's Zodiacs (large-capacity inflatable boats) were not able to ferry the passengers ashore, so the icebreaker had to continue to Arctic Bay (Borden Peninsula, Baffin Island).

The flight charter to Ottawa was re-scheduled from Arctic Bay. However, due to mechanical problems, the plane remained grounded at Nanisivik (Baffin Island) waiting for the needed repair parts and a mechanic to be flown in. Due to the delayed repairs, all passengers had to stay in Arctic Bay overnight. Most of them were accommodated in the ship's gymnasium, some were accommodated ashore (in the town's hotel and B&B).

On August 4, all the 97 passengers plus the Quark Expeditions crew were disembarked.

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