Ocean Adventurer accidents and incidents

Ocean Adventurer cruise ship

Former names
Sea Adventurer, Clipper Adventurer, Alla Tarasova

Length (LOA)
101 m / 331 ft

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CruiseMapper's Ocean Adventurer cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a 132-passenger vessel owned by Quark Expeditions. Our Ocean Adventurer accidents page contains reports made by using official data from renown online news media sources, US Coast Guard and Wikipedia.

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  • aground - 2002 (Essequibo River, Guyana), 2010 (Coronation Gulf, Nunavut Arctic Canada)
  • propulsion/power loss – 2005, 2007

Previously, the vessel was operated under the names Alla Tarasova (1975-1997), Clipper Adventurer (1997-2012), Sea Adventurer (2012-2017) and Ocean Adventurer (since 2017).

27 August 2010Ship Grounding

(Clipper Adventurer) On August 27, 2010, the ship ran aground on an uncharted rock in Coronation Gulf (Nunavut, Arctic Canada). The accident resulted in serious hull damages (breached ballast water tank and fuel tanks), as well as sea pollution. The vessel was carrying a total of 128 passengers plus 69 crew. They were later rescued by the Canadian icebreaker CCGS Amundsen.

The following investigation cited that the underwater rock was a known hazard and already properly reported by the Canadian authorities.

With the cruise ship's salvage was awarded the US (Florida-based) salvage company Resolve Marine Group. The vessel was towed to Victoria Island (Cambridge Bay) on September 18.

18 December 2007Propulsion / Power Loss

(Clipper Adventurer) On December 10, 2017, due to mechanical failure, the scheduled Antarctica cruise itinerary (December 18 departure) was cancelled. Passengers were fully refunded, with optional rebooking for Dec 2008.

August 2005Propulsion / Power Loss

(Clipper Adventurer) The voyage leaving on August 12, 2005, was officially cancelled due to needed repairs. On the previous voyage, the propeller's screw (propulsion unit) was damaged after hitting ice growler in the North Atlantic Ocean, en-route from Iceland to Greenland.

At reduced speed (running on only 1 engine) the ship returned back to Iceland, from where proceeded to Belfast Ireland for drydock repairs.

26 March 2002Ship Grounding

(Clipper Adventurer) On March 26, 2002, the vessel ran aground on a sandbank in Essequibo River (Guyana) and remained grounded for over 1 day.

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