AIDAvita deck 3 plan (Tendering-Hospital-Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of AIDAvita deck 3 (Tendering-Hospital-Cabins)

(Bikingstation) Bikes station is a storage room for the onboard Pedelecs (electric bicycles) and Segways.

(Tauchbasis) Dive Base is the storage room for snorkeling/diving equipment.

Gangway (passenger boarding areas) and Tenderpforten (ship-to-shore tendering areas)

The ship’s Hospital is operated by German doctors/nurses (on 24-hour duty), with primarily Germany-made drugs. Payments are made by the boarding pass (doubles as cabin key). Medical treatments are equivalent to a private doctor’s visit. Germany’s health insurance policies do not apply, so buying cruise health insurance is recommended.

Unlike other AIDA ships, on its Tendering Deck, AIDA Vita has cruise cabins (from 3001 to 3006). All 6 of them are category MB-Oceanview staterooms (with round-shaped porthole windows/non-opening).