Galapagos Legend deck 5 plan (Moon-Bridge-Stargazing)

Deck layout and review

Review of Galapagos Legend deck 5 (Moon-Bridge-Stargazing)

On Moon Deck are located the Navigation Bridge (called "Wheelhouse" on smaller ships and riverboats) with adjacent Captain's Suite and Officers' Room.

Aft is located an outdoor mini-deck (called Stargazing Area) - an open-air area housing the Al Fresco Restaurant and Lifeboat Dinning. Curiously, both lifeboats (portside and starboard) are used as dining venues.

Adjacent to the lifeboats are positioned 22 liferafts (inflatable rafts used in cases of emergencies, each with capacity 25 passengers).

Next to the Wheelhouse are cruise cabins from 50 to 59, all of which are outside staterooms with step-out balconies in categories Balcony Suite, Balcony Suite Plus, and Legend Balcony Suite (room #55 - the ship's largest cabin).

Once-per cruise on Moon Deck is held an outdoor party (ice cream- or BBQ-themed).