Hamnavoe ferry deck 7 plan (Promenade-Bridge-Officers Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of Hamnavoe ferry deck 7 (Promenade-Bridge-Officers Cabins)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge (Wheelhouse) and the adjacent Captain's Suite and officers' quarters (crew cabins) are inaccessible to passengers.

On Deck 7 are the fore-located officers cabins (9x rooms), the Captain's Suite (forward-starboard), 2x tender boats, 2 high-speed lifeboats (rescue boats), ship's funnels, Kennel Room (with 13 solid units), AC Room, Laundry Room, Linen Room and other crew-only facilities and areas.

Promenade is a passenger-accessible (via staircases) outdoor area used for strolling and observation.

The ship Hamnavoe has 13 solid kennels in 2 sizes (width-depth-height) - 4 large (80x140x100 cm) and 9 small (50x70x60 cm). These units must be booked in advance. They are located in a dedicated heated and ventilated room with a water supply. Each kennel is floored with a rubber mat, so it is advisable for passengers to provide blankets for the animals.