Hrossey ferry deck 2 plan (Engines-Lower Car Deck)

Deck layout and review

Review of Hrossey ferry deck 2 (Engines-Lower Car Deck)

  • Ship's cargo capacity is 650 lanemeters; allowing storage for 140 cars or 40 trucks/trailers. All vehicles are parked on Deck 2 (Lower Car Deck) and Deck 3 (Upper Car Deck.
  • As freight, NORTHLINK FERRIES ships allow transportation of semi-trailers, lorries (with or without drivers), cars, motorcycles (only as freight, without drivers), caravans, camper vans (without drivers), cargo containers, mobile machinery, boats (on cradle), industrial products. Bicycles are free of charge on all NorthLink Ferries routes.

The vessel is powered by two MaK marine diesel engines (model 6M43) with combined power output 10,8 MW.

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