MS Titanic 2 deck 9 plan (Boat)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Titanic 2 deck 9 (Boat)

  • Navigation Bridge, Wheelhouse, Open Bridge Wings (portside and starboard)
  • Captain's Suite (starboard), Officers' Cabins (portside), Officers Smoker Room, Officers Mess Hall
  • Technical Room
  • Replica Lifeboats (two of which are colapsable)
  • Glass-dome cover over the FWD Atrium
  • FWD Atrium with elevators, Grand Staircase and 1st-Class Entrance
  • 1st-Class Promenade
  • Gymnasium (Fitness Centre)
  • Compass Platform
  • Glass-dome cover (raised roof over 1st-Class Lounge and Reading Room)
  • Engineers Deck (open-air Promenade Deck for crew), Engineers Smoker Room, Engineers Mess Hall
  • 2nd-Class Cloak Room
  • 2nd-Class Promenade with Deck Games area
  • Raised roof over 1st-Class Smoker Room
  • AFT Atrium with 2nd-Class Entrance