Quark Ultramarine deck 2 plan (Tendering)

Deck layout and review

Review of Quark Ultramarine deck 2 (Tendering)

  • Aft are located ship's both Ready Rooms (aka Mudroom). Mud Rooms on cruise ships are utilized for passenger embarkation and disembarkation on/from the Zodiac boats (large-capacity, motorized speedboats / expedition landing craft). Each room has benches and personal lockers for expedition gear storage (parkas / arctic jackets, boots, gloves).
  • Aft are stored (in a hangar) all the Zodiacs. The ship has four Zodiac Embarkation points (1 portside, 1 starboard, 2 stern).
  • Ship's Expedition Landing Craft fleet consists of 20x Zodiacs (quick-deploy boats used for coastal cruising and landings in remote areas) and 2 loading stations. The boats are also used for passenger disembarkation / tendering in places inaccessible by the ship itself (like shallow harbour waterways, rivers, etc). Each expedition boat has length of 19 ft (6 m), max capacity 12 people and is powered by a 4-stroke outboard engine. These boats are specially designed (military-grade) watercraft with extra holds. They are also fitted with custom-designed ladders for easy boarding and disembarkation.
  • The ship is also equipped with a fleet of 2-person seakayaks and paddleboards.
  • Two Lifts (passenger elevators) connect all decks except Helideck (deck 8). All decks are interconnected via stairs (forward, midship and aft) including interior and exterior staircases.

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