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28.22605 N, -177.35503 W

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Midway Atoll (also called Midway Island or Midway Islands; Pihemanu Kauihelani in Hawaiian) is an atoll located in the North Pacific Ocean. The island covers a total area of approx 6,2 km2 (2,4 ml2) and has a population of around 60 people, including staff of the US Fish & Wildlife Service and contract workers.

  • As the name suggests, Midway Island is roughly equidistant between Asia and North America. Midway Atoll is an unincorporated territory of the U.S. and continues to be the only island in Hawaiian archipelago that is not part of Hawaii state. Unlike the other Hawaiian islands, it observes Samoa Time, which is an hour behind the time in Hawaii.
  • For statistical purposes, The island of Midway is grouped as one of the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands. Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, which encompasses 590,992 acres (239,166 ha) of land and water in the surrounding area, is administered by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS). 
  • Until 1993, the island was the home of Naval Air Facility Midway. One of the major battles of Pacific campaign of World War II was the Battle of Midway, fought between June 4-6, 1942. The U.S. Navy defeated a battle group from Japan marking a turning point in the war.
  • Currently, visitation to the atoll is only allowed for business reasons (including contractors, volunteers, permanent and temporary staff) as the tourism program was suspended because of budget cutbacks. 2012 was the last year that the program was in operation and 332 people made the tour to Midway Island. Trips focused on both the military history and unique ecology of Midway Island.
  • The economy of Midway Island is derived solely from tourist fees and governmental sources. Nearly all supplies have to be brought to the island by plane or ship, though atoll's hydroponic greenhouse and garden supply fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Midway Island is a critical habitat in the central Pacific which includes breeding habitat for a total of seventeen seabird species. Several native species rely on the atoll, which is now home to 70% of the Laysan albatross population in the world, and nearly 40% of the global black-footed albatross population.

Midway Island cruise terminal

The usual method to reach Sand Island, the only populated island of Midway Atoll, is on chartered aircraft landing at Henderson Field, also serving as emergency runway for transpacific flights.

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